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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Classification Properties Screen

The Classification Properties Screen contains the following content:

migrator copy items 8

·Content Type - By default, the wizard preloads the default content type for the destination location. The user may select an alternate content type by using the drop-down button. If a new content type is selected, the list of fields below will be updated correspondingly. The application will automatically attempt to match the fields from the source content type(s) to the destination. This option allows you to retain existing content type(s) for selected items. This is useful when moving or copying a set of items from multiple content types.


NOTE: this is only available when Data Analysis Mode is disabled.

·Tagging/Classification - Essentials Migrator provides several methods for "smart" tagging, which is accomplished through the use of two buttons located to the right of each field.

oLeft-Arrow Button - One way to efficiently tag content is to group items that need to be tagged with a common value. For examples, you may have a set of files that share a common project name or number, a choice, check box or lookup value, (Yes/No) or a common user name. The left-arrow button provides access to directly enter or modify the value of the field. The wizard will automatically provide controls corresponding to the type of field being worked on.

oDown-Arrow Button - Pressing this button will generate the Field Value Selection window which is intended to allow the user more control over tagging. The functionality for this window is described in the Field Value Selection Screen section.

oPlus Button - This button is only shown for multi-valued fields.  When enabled, any new values are appended to existing ones.  When disabled, new values will replace existing ones.


NOTE: Because the Name field in a Library must have a unique value, only the down-arrow is enabled. This allows the user to change the value of this field by mapping to another normalized field.

·Save Template/Load Template buttons - Many classification operations are done over and over again for different sets of content. These buttons allow the user to store and recall all the tagging parameters set in this window.

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