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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Bulk Upload from File System

Unlike the native SharePoint multiple file upload function, Information Manager lets the user assign content type and field values to the uploaded documents thus making them immediately available for the search and navigation functions of the destination library. In addition to that, Information Manager also resolves the SharePoint issue which leaves uploaded files checked out due to required fields in the library by allowing all content to be properly tagged during upload.  It also provides the ability to upload and retain your file system folder structure or map folder names to existing SharePoint columns for metadata enrichment.

To bulk import files:

1.Click the Bulk Import button in the SharePoint ribbon.

2.Assign the Content Type and metadata that you would like to apply to all of the imported content.

3.Navigate to your File System content by using the Navigation menu in the Wizard’s upper left pane.

4.Locate and select the File System content (files and/or folders) in the upper right content pane.  Click the Add Files button to add this content to the bottom pane, which displays all the   content that will be included in the bulk import.  Content can be removed from the list by clicking the Remove Files button located below this pane.

5.Click Finish to begin the import process.

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