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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Box - Group Mapping

This may be necessary when you have a Collaboration group assigned to a Box Folder that you want to translate into an Azure Active Directory group in your Office 365 environment.

Finding the Box Group to map:

1.In the Box application, right click on the shared folder which contains the group you want to map the Office 365 group from, and select Share>Manage Collaborators.
copy box to onedrive groups1

2.As is displayed in the following image, the group for this example is "Box Dev".copy box to onedrive groups2

3.When migrating this as is (with no mapping) into OneDrive for Business, a SharePoint group will be created with the same name "Box Dev".

If you would like to translate this Box Group into an Azure AD Group, we first need to locate the "Account" name of the Azure AD group you would like to map the Box Group to. You can do this by following these steps:

1.On your SharePoint Online site or OneDrive for Business Site, select the cogwheel settings tab, and then click Site Settings.
copy box to onedrive groups3

2.Select "People and Groups" under User Permissions.
copy box to onedrive groups4

3.Click on the name of the Azure Group AD for which you wish to find the Account ID for user mapping.
copy box to onedrive groups5

4.The Azure Group AD account ID will be the set of numbers and characters listed beside "Account". Copy this sequence.
copy box to onedrive groups6

Make a new entry in your User Mapping file for the Group
copy box to onedrive groups7

As you can see, use the information from the Box side on the leftmost column and use the information from your SharePoint side on the rightmost column. When you use this mapping file, your group should map from Box group to your existing group in OneDrive for Business.

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