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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Activities_View - Metalogix Desktop User Manual

The Activities View window is displayed within the Contents area and is broken up into two sections. The top part displays all activities and groups, while the bottom part (which can be minimized) displays properties and history for a selected activity or group.activites_view

An Activity is the main building block of the product and consists of information about the type of activity (i.e. copy site, copy list, copy content type, etc.), source object(s), target destination and any additional properties for that activity. The collected information regarding an activity is displayed in the Property window. Much of this information can be modified at any time. For example, the target may be modified to allow an activity to be run multiple times for different destinations.

An activity can be created in several different ways including copy/paste of objects, Live Compare and even manually. Once created activities can be manipulated inside the Activity View window. A user may drag and drop, cut and paste, group, ungroup and sequence activities in a specific order to be executed.

·In order to select (or unselect) multiple activities/groups located directly below each other, click on the first item and then holding the SHIFT key, click on the last item. All the files located between the two items will be highlighted.

·In order to select (or unselect) multiple items which are not located next to each other, hold down the CTRL key and select individual files.

A set of functions is available by right-clicking 1 or more selected activities and/or groups. The list of enabled functions will depend on what is selected or not selected in the window.

This same set of functions is also available from the ribbon at the top of the screen and will be discussed in the Common Functions section.

Change Manager collects run time information about any executed activity, including when an activity was executed, the results and optionally a pre and post execution report as evidence. This information is shown in the History tab in the bottom part of the window. A user has the ability to drill down into a specific event to get status information, open a difference report or an even log.

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