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Metalogix Diagnostic Manager 4.15 - User Guide

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Viewing the Performance of a Single SQL Server

To view graphical performance data for a single SQL server:


NOTE: In the case of SQL AlwaysOn, some performance data will be collected for active nodes only.

1In the SQL section of the ribbon, choose Performance.

2From the ribbon, choose the category of data that you want to view:


SQL Performance CAPACITY


SQL Performance ACTIVITY

§Server Resources


The data that populates these graphs is collected by Server Performance data collection (which, by default, runs every six minutes).  The graphics will be refreshed according to the auto-refresh schedule specified in the Management Console Preferences dialog.

Now you can:

·change the time and duration of displayed data, and

·view more details.

See Working with Graphical Server Data for details.


Collecting Server Metrics Immediately

Metalogix Diagnostic Manager lets you immediately collect server performance metrics for all of the servers in a monitored farm.

To collect server performance metrics for all servers in a farm immediately:

1In the Management Console tree, select either the farm whose server metrics you want to collect or the Servers node beneath the farm node.

2Right-click and choose Collect performance data for all farm servers.


Monitoring SharePoint and Web Pages

Metalogix Diagnostic Manager helps you monitor the availability and load times of individual SharePoint pages, public Web pages, and—if you are registered with  Cloud Services— Cloud pages.  You can use alerts to help you find when a page needs your attention. You can set default alert thresholds for all pages or individual pages.


NOTE: For SharePoint on-premises pages, you can also monitor the components that make up the pages.

To monitor a page, you first add a SharePoint on-premises farm or Server Group to  Metalogix Diagnostic Manager.  You can then add a page to monitor. After you have added a page, you can edit the monitored page settings as needed.  

If you want to monitor Web pages from a machine that does not have internet access or if you want a secure connection, you can configure Web proxy settings.


Adding a Page to Monitor

To add a page to monitor:

1.Use one of the following options:

§In the Management Console tree, select a monitored farm or Server Group, then in the Farm section of the ribbon choose Overview > Add Monitored Page.


§In the Management Console tree, select Monitored Pages, then in the Monitored Pages section of the ribbon choose Add Page.


§In the Management Console tree, select either a monitored farm or Monitored Pages, right click and choose Add page.

2.Select a Page Type:

§SharePoint (on-premises)

§SharePoint Online

§Public Web Page

§if you are registered for  Cloud Services, Cloud.

Add Monitored Page DROPDOWN

3.For Page Address, either:

§Enter the full URL to the page you want to monitor.


§Browse to the page as follows:

a)Enter the URL to the site that contains the page you want to monitor.

b)Click [...].

c)Click [Load Page] to display the Select Page To Monitor dialog.

d)Navigate to the page you want to monitor.


e)Click [OK].

4.In the Add Monitored Page dialog box, specify the Page name the Management Console should use for the page. If you used the browse option to locate the page, the page title is the default page name. You can change this default title, if necessary.Add Monitored Page FARM DETAILS

5.For Page Load Time, make sure the option is checked and, if different from the default (every 15 minutes), select the interval at which you want Metalogix Diagnostic Manager to check load time.


NOTE: You can check load time every minute, 15 minutes, or 60 minutes.

6.Use the information in the table below to determine the appropriate next step.

If you are adding ...

Then ...

a page from a SharePoint On-Premises monitored farm

specify additional Page Monitoring options.

Note:  Currently, you can only monitor Page Load Time for SharePoint Online, Public, and  Cloud pages.

a SharePoint Online or Cloud Web page

complete the Page Credentials section with the Username and Password you want Metalogix Diagnostic Manager to use to check page load time.

Add Monitored Page CREDENTIALS

If you want to validate the connection before adding the page, click [Test].

Add Monitored Page TEST

7.Click [OK].

The page now displays in the tree.

Monitored Page in Tree

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