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Metalogix Diagnostic Manager 4.15 - User Guide

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Viewing Dashboards and Overviews

When you select the top node of a monitored SharePoint farm, Server Group, or O365 tenant, a default dashboard displays, which provides a graphical representations of the environment's overall health and various key metrics.


NOTE: You can also return to the dashboard from another location by choosing Overview > Dashboard.

Default Home Page Dashboard

Dashboard Home Page

Default On Premises SharePoint Farm Dashboard

Dashboard Farm

Default Server Group Dashboard

Dashboard Server Group

Default O365 Tenant Dashboard

Dashboard O365

You can double-click on a statistic within a widget to drill down to more detail about the underlying data set.

Dashboard Drill Down

For a more detailed overview, including a list of all monitored pages and active alerts, from the Farm or O365 section of the ribbon, choose Overview > Overview.

Overview Farm

Customizing Dashboards

You can customize the dashboards that display on the home page and for each SharePoint farm, Server Group, and O365 tenant.  You can also create additional custom dashboards.


NOTE: ce created, additional dashboards can be selected from the Saved Dashboards drop-down.

To customize a dashboard:

1.From the Overview  tab Dashboard Widgets section of the selected node (Home, SharePoint farm, Server Group, or O365 tenant), click Edit.

Edit Dashboard

Now you can:

·click the X in the upper right corner of a widget to remove it from the dashboard

Close Widget

·drag and drop to reposition or resize a widget

Reposition Widget

·add a widget

Add Widgets

When you finish editing, you can Save the changes to the dashboard, Save As a new dashboard, or Discard Changes.

Save Dashboards

Viewing the Status of Office 365 Services

If your Metalogix Diagnostic Manager deployment includes one or more Office 365 tenants, you can view the latest status of Office 365 services and their features.



·Metalogix Diagnostic Manager retrieves server status according to the schedule specified on the Collection Service Options - Office365 tab (which is every 15 minutes by default).  You can also force the Collection Service to update status information immediately.

·If you want to monitor O365 services on a machine without Internet access, you can configure web proxy settings.

To view the health of Office 365 Services:

1.In the Management Console tree, expand the node of the Office 365 tenant whose services whose health you want to view.

2.Select Services.

Tiles representing all of the active services in your Office 365 tenancy display, along with one of the following status icons:

O365 OK icon


O365 Warning icon


O365 Critical icon


The right bottom corner of the tile provides a brief description of the current status.

Office 365 Services

3To view the status of a service's features, click on the service tile.

If you select a feature with a status of Warning or Critical, Latest description text provides additional information.

Office 365 Service Feature Details

To collect Service status data immediately:

Use one of the following options:

·From the Management Console tree, select the Services node, right-click and choose Collect Farm O365 status.


·In the Services section of the ribbon, choose Collect farm 0365 status.

To refresh displayed Service status data in the Management Console:

In the Services section of the ribbon choose Refresh.

Refreshing Server Group Properties

The Metalogix Diagnostic Manager Collection Service automatically refreshes the properties of a Server Group.   By default, this data is collected every 24 hours, at the same time Farm Topology is refreshed. You can also force the Collection Service to refresh the properties of servers in the group at any time to reflect any changes have been made since the last data collection (for example, a SQL server instance has been added or removed).

To refresh Server Group properties:

1.In the Management Console tree, select the Server Group whose properties you want to refresh.

2.Use one of the following options:

§Right-click and choose Refresh Servers Discovered.


§in the Farm section of the ribbon, choose Overview > Refresh Servers Discovered.

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