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Metalogix ControlPoint 8.7 - for Office 365 Installation Guide

Configuring ControlPoint Services

Toward the end of ControlPoint configuration process you have the option to configure the following Windows service(s):

·The ControlPoint Discovery Service, which collects data and stores it in the ControlPoint Services (xcAdmin) database cache for use in ControlPoint data analysis and reporting.


·If Sensitive Content Manager is installed in your environment, ControlPoint Sensitive Content Manager (SCM) Services will allow you to use it within ControlPoint:

§as a means of checking for:

oContent Analysis (CA) jobs ready to be uploaded from ControlPoint to Sensitive Content Manager for scanning.


oScan results ready to be downloaded from Sensitive Content Manager to ControlPoint for further action.


§Because they support multi-threading, SCM Services are especially suited to very large content analysis jobs.

NOTE:  If you want to configure services at a later time, you can do so by launching the Configuration Wizard from the server on which ControlPoint is installed (using the same  used to install the ControlPoint application).  After you have verified the Wizard has finished checking installed components, select Configure Services.

Configure Services from wizard CPO

If you do choose to perform this action at later time, you will be prompted to complete the SharePoint online account validation dialog and authenticate using the Office 365 account used at the time ControlPoint was installed (which must be a Global Administrator for the tenant).


To configure ControlPoint Services:

1On the Configure Services dialog, select the service(s) you want to configure.

Installer Configure Services


§The Service Account must meet all of the requirements of the ControlPoint Service Account, as well as permission to Run as a Service.

§Keep in mind that the latest version of ControlPoint Sensitive Content Manager Service will only work with version 2.0 or later of Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager.

2Select the service(s) you want to configure.

3Click [Continue].

4Click [Start Deployment].

The installer deploys the selected Windows service(s).

Installer Services Deployed

5When the services have been successfully deployed, click [Finish].

Additional Setup Requirement for the ControlPoint Discovery Service

Before you can use the ControlPoint Discovery Service for the first time, you must also perform the following configuration tasks on the General tab of the Discovery Setup application (located, by default, in the folder C:\Program Files\Metalogix\ControlPointOnline\ControlPointFeatures\Services\Discovery):

·For Configure Discovery to run under, select SharePoint Local, and

·Add the SQL Server Connection String for xcAdmin Database.

NOTE:  You can copy the Connection String from the file CPConfiguration.exe.config, located, by default, in the folder C:\Program Files\Metalogix\ControlPointOnline\ControlPointFeatures. Use the portion of the string that starts with the words Data Source and ends with Integrated Security = <value>.

CP Discovery Connection String

You can also change a service's default settings from its Setup application.  Refer to the ControlPoint for Office 365 Administration Guide for complete details.

IMPORTANT:  Before Services Can be Run:

Before you can run Discovery and Sensitive Content Manager services, make sure that:

·TLS version 1.2 is enabled on the server where the services are installed


·the .NET Framework is configured to support strong cryptography (via the Windows Registry setting SchUseStrongCrypto).

Refer to the following Microsoft articles for complete details.

·Transport Layer Security (TLS) best practices with the .NET Framework

·How to enable TLS 1.2

Registering the ControlPoint Online App for Modern Authentication

As the last stage of the ControlPoint Online configuration process, the ControlPoint Online app must be registered in the Azure Active Directory to allow Modern Authentication.  

The app can also be registered after the installation, as a separate action, if you launch ControlPoint Online Configuration.  However, ControlPoint Online cannot be run until the app is registered.  

App Registration from wizard CPO

If you do choose to perform this action at later time, you will be prompted to complete the SharePoint online account validation dialog and authenticate using the Office 365 account used at the time ControlPoint was installed (which must be a Global Administrator for the tenant).


NOTE:  Once the ControlPoint Online app is registered, it is only necessary to re-register it to change the tenant administrator and/or SSL certificate.  Re-registering essentially deletes the existing registration and replaces it with a new one. Refer to the ControlPoint for Office 365 Administration Guide for details.

To register the ControlPoint Online app in Azure Active Directory:

1.Select the SSL certificate that will allow ControlPoint users to authenticate with Microsoft, using one of the options described in the following table.

NOTE:  To allow Microsoft Modern Authentication to be used by all users, the certificate must be located in the Trusted Root store.  The Personal store of the ControlPoint installation account cannot be used.  You can use the same certificate that you used for IIS Configuration, but a copy must be located in the Root store.

If you want to ...

Then ...

use an existing certificate

·For the Store Name, make sure Root is selected from the drop-down.

The Use Existing Certificate drop-down will be populated with available certificates in the selected store.

·Make sure Use Existing Certificate is selected, then select a certificate from the drop-down.

CP Online Register Existing Certificate

NOTE:  If the ControlPoint Installer cannot find a Certificate in the Store, this option will be disabled.

create a new self-signed certificate (default option)

Select Create new Self Signed Certificate, and enter a Certificate Name.

CP Online Create IIS Certificate

The ControlPoint installer will create a .crt certificate file in the local machine Root store.

IMPORTANT:  Unlike a .pfx certificate file, which contains a private key, a .crt certificate file is less secure and will not be listed in the Certificate Manager in IIS.

3Click [Register].

You will be prompted to accept Terms of Use, which grants ControlPoint Online permissions to access and operate on SharePoint Online data.  When registration is complete, you can close the browser.  The ControlPoint Installer will close automatically.

Launching ControlPoint Online

To use ControlPoint Online, you must be a Site Collection Administrator for the site collection that hosts the ControlPoint Online Configuration Site.  Upon launching ControlPoint, you will first be prompted to authenticate with Microsoft Online using your O365 account credentials.  

MS Login

IMPORTANT: If you are using Internet Explorer or Edge and the Sign in dialog continually prompts for your account without proceeding to the Password prompt, refer to the topic I am Continually Prompted to Log Into ControlPoint but the Login Never Completes.

If that authentication is successful, a token will be returned to ControlPoint Online, which will then determine if the account is a valid ControlPoint Online user.

Use one of the following options to launch the ControlPoint Online application.

From your workstation browser:

Enter https://<machine_name>:<port_number> or <host_header_name>/_layouts/axceler/xcmain.aspx.

(The server machine name is the name of the machine on which the ControlPoint client application is installed.  2828 is the default port number for the MetalogixOnline application pool.)

From the machine on which ControlPoint Online has been installed:

1Log into the server using the account that was designated as the ControlPoint Service Account at the time the ControlPoint Online application was installed.

2From the Windows Start menu, choose Programs > Metalogix > ControlPoint_Online> Launch ControlPoint Online Application.

ControlPoint Online Scheduler Job

As part of the initial configuration of ControlPoint Online, is created in the Windows Task Scheduler on the server where ControlPoint Online is installed, in the folder Task Scheduler Library > Metalogix > ControlPoint Online.

the ControlPoint Scheduler Job, scheduled to run by default ever 10 minutes to check for and initiate the running of operations scheduled via the ControlPoint Scheduler.

This task is configured to run using the credentials of the ControlPoint Service Account.

NOTE:  Although the Scheduler Job specifies an initial Start Date and Time, the task is actually triggered for the first time when the first scheduled job is submitted via the ControlPoint application interface.  

If you want to change the scheduled run time or frequency, you can do so directly in the Windows Task Scheduler or via the ControlPoint Schedule Monitor.

CAUTION:  The Scheduler is an application-wide job.  Changing the start time and or/frequency will impact all of ControlPoint.

CP Online Windows Task UPDATE

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