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Metalogix ControlPoint 8.5 - O365 Administration Guide

Preface The ControlPoint Configuration Site Managing Your Farm List Setting Up ControlPoint Services Using Discovery to Collect Information for the ControlPoint Database Cache Updating Full Discovery and Scheduler Windows Jobs Using Sensitive Content Manager Services Setting Sensitive Content Manager End Points and Managing Scanning Preferences Managing Your ControlPoint License Registering and Re-registering the ControlPoint Online App for Modern Authentication Purging Historical Activity and Storage Data from the ControlPoint Services (xcAdmin) Database Modifying ControlPoint Configuration Settings
Changing Default Settings for Actions and Analyses Changing Default Settings to Improve Application Performance Changing Settings to Improve Discovery Performance Changing Default Settings for Navigation Changing Trace Switch Logging Levels Changing Default Settings for Compliance Managing Site Provisioning Settings Setting Preferences for the ControlPoint Scheduler Changing Settings for Anomalous Activity Detection Miscellaneous and Custom Configuration Settings Special-Purpose Configuration Settings ControlPoint Online-Specific Settings

Using Discovery to Collect Information for the ControlPoint Database Cache

Discovery is a background task that collects information and stores it in the ControlPoint Services (xcAdmin) database cache for use in ControlPoint data analysis and reporting.  

Nightly Full Discovery

As part of the initial configuration of ControlPoint Online, the nightly Full Discovery tasks is created in Windows Task Scheduler on the server where ControlPoint Online is installed.

If the ControlPoint Discovery Service is not configured, the nightly Discovery job is disabled by default, as are operations and parameters that rely on cached data collected by Discovery.

You can activate the Nightly Full Discovery task and change the default start time and/or frequency via the Schedule Monitor Windows Jobs view.

CP Online Windows Task UPDATE

The ControlPoint Application Administrators can, however, enable both the nightly Discovery job and the operations and parameters that rely on it or configure the ControlPoint Discovery Service.  

NOTE:  If the ControlPoint Application Administrator configures the ControlPoint Discovery Service, these Discovery-dependent operations and parameters will be enabled automatically.

See also Updating Full Discovery and Scheduler Windows Jobs.

Using the Discovery Service

The ControlPoint Discovery Service is an alternative to the (default) ControlPoint FullDiscovery job, which runs as a Windows scheduled task.  The ControlPoint Discovery Service runs as a Windows Service, and is especially suited to very large SharePoint environments as Discovery run time can be significantly reduced.

O365 Discovery Service

The ControlPoint Discovery Service can be configured at the time ControlPoint is installed or upgraded, or at any time when the Configuration Wizard is launched.  See Configuring ControlPoint Services for details. Configure Services from wizard CPO

IMPORTANT: Before Running the Discovery Service

Before ControlPoint Discovery Service is run, make sure the Windows FullDiscoveryJob is disabled, via either:

· ControlPoint Schedule Monitor

CP Online Discovery Job DISABLED


·the Windows Task Scheduler.

PC Online Discovery Job Task Scheduler DISABLED

NOTE:  This job is disabled by default when the Discovery Service is installed.

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