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Metalogix ControlPoint 8.2 - User Guide

Preface Getting Started with ControlPoint Using Discovery to Collect Information for the ControlPoint Database Cache Searching for SharePoint Sites Managing SharePoint Objects
Accessing SharePoint Pages Viewing Properties of an Object within the SharePoint Hierarchy Creating Dashboards for Monitoring Statistics within Your SharePoint Farm Setting Object Properties Managing Site Collection and Site Features Managing Audit Settings Creating and Managing SharePoint Alerts Setting ControlPoint Alerts Managing Metadata Copying and Moving SharePoint Objects (Version 8.0 and Earlier) Moving a Site Collection to Another Content Database Deleting Sites Deleting Lists Archiving Audit Log Data Before Moving or Deleting a Site Collection Duplicating a Workflow Definition from one List or Site to Others Removing a Workflow from One or More Lists (or Sites)
Using ControlPoint Policies to Control Your SharePoint Environment Managing SharePoint User Permissions Data Analysis and Reporting
Specifying Parameters for Your Analysis Analysis Results Display Generating a SharePoint Summary Report Analyzing Activity Analyzing Object Properties Analyzing Storage Analyzing Content Generating a SharePoint Hierarchy Report Analyzing Trends Auditing Activities and Changes in Your SharePoint Environment Analyzing SharePoint Alerts Analyzing ControlPoint Policies Analyzing Users and Permissions The ControlPoint Task Audit Viewing Logged Errors
Scheduling a ControlPoint Operation Saving, Modifying and Executing Instructions for a ControlPoint Operation Using the ControlPoint Governance Policy Manager (SharePoint 2010 and Later) Using Sensitive Content Manager to Analyze SharePoint Content for Compliance Using ControlPoint Sentinel to Detect Anomalous Activity Default Menu Options for ControlPoint Users About Us

Maximum Number of Orphaned Users to Delete Per Scheduled Batch (OrphanDeleteBatchSize)

If you run an Orphaned Domain Users analysis and choose to Automatically delete users after analysis has run, ControlPoint will automatically submit one or more Delete User jobs to the ControlPoint scheduler.

The number of jobs submitted depends on the number of users to be deleted, and the number of users processed in a job is determined by the Value of the ControlPoint Setting OrphanedDeleteBatchSize (100 by default).  ControlPoint Application Administrators may, however, choose to either increase this value (if, for example, they want all users to be deleted in a single scheduled job or decrease it (for example, to avoid having a single scheduled job run for an excessively long time).


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