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Metalogix ControlPoint 8.2 - for Office 365 Administration Guide

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Defining Compliance Action Rules

Members of the ControlPoint Compliance Administrators group can define Compliance Action rules to determine how non-compliant content should be handled, based on the severity level detected.  You can also specify that one or more users be alerted via email when a Compliance Action is taken.

REMINDER:  Sensitive Content Manager must be installed in your environment and you must be a member of the ControlPoint Compliance Administrators group to use this functionality.

To access the Compliance Actions page:

Use the information in the following table to determine the appropriate action to take.

If you are creating ...

Then ...

a global set of rules independent of a particular scan job

from the Manage panel, choose Compliance > ControlPoint Compliance Actions.

a set of rules for a specific scan job that has been returned from Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager

·From the Compliance Summary page, select the scan job to which you want to apply the rule.

·Click [Apply Compliance Actions].


To define Compliance Action rules:

1Enter a unique name to create a new Compliance Action, or choose an existing action from the drop-down.

Compliance Actions NAME

WARNING:  If you choose to Update Existing Compliance Actions, the changes will be applied to all scan jobs that use it going forward.

2For each of the Severity levels (Mild, Moderate, and Severe), specify the action that should be applied when a threat is detected.  You can choose to have ControlPoint:

·Take No Action on non-compliant content

·Quarantine non-compliant content

·Use an Approval Workflow to address non-compliant content

·Remove non-compliant content

Note that an action must be defined for all three severity levels.  You can navigate from one rule to the next via the Select actions for threat level: button.

Compliance Actions Select Level

3If you want ControlPoint to send an email alert when a specified action is taken:

a)Check the Alert Users box.

b)Click [Create New User].

c)Complete the Select Users for the user to which you want to send the alert.

NOTE:  Currently, you can only select one user at a time.  Repeat substeps b) and c) for each user you want to alert.

If you have chosen to have ControlPoint Quarantine an item with non-compliant content, you can also choose to have an alert sent to all members of the ControlPoint Quarantine Administrators group.


If you have chosen to use an Approval Workflow, follow the instructions for "Using an Approval Workflow," following.

4When you have finished defining Compliance Rules for each Severity Level, click [Save].

Using An Approval Workflow

If you have chosen to use an Approval Workflow to address non-compliant content, after clicking the [Create New User] button:

1First, select the user who will be notified by ControlPoint to start the workflow when non-compliant content is found

2Select additional users who will be designated as approvers.

Compliance Actions WORKFLOW

NOTE:  The user you select to start the workflow must have permissions to Edit Items and approvers must have permissions to Approve Items for lists within the scope of the Compliance Action.

You can also choose to have SharePoint notify approvers

§One at a Time (Serial)


·All At Once (Parallel)

3Click [Add User].

4If you want SharePoint to notify additional users when an approval workflow starts and ends:

a)Click [Create New User].

b)Select the users you want to notify.

c)Choose Notify these people when the workflow starts and ends without assigning tasks to them.

d)Click [Add User].

5For Request, enter the message that you want to be sent to users with assigned tasks.

Compliance Action WORKFLOW 2

Compliance Action Alert Email

When a Compliance Action rule includes an alert, an email, which identifies the Severity Level and action taken, is automatically sent to selected recipients.

ControlPoint Application Administrators can change the default text for the email by updating the applicable ControlPoint Configuration Setting:




Refer to the ControlPoint Administrators Guide for details.

Submitting Content to Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager

Members of the ControlPoint Compliance Administrators group can use the ControlPoint Analyze Content action to submit content to the Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager where it will be scanned for potentially sensitive content. ControlPoint submits the following types of content for scanning:

·files within Document Libraries with the following extensions:












·items within most types of lists (with or without attachments that have any of the file extensions listed above).

To submit content to Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager for analysis:

1Select the object(s) containing the items that you want to submit for analysis.

2Choose Compliance > Analyze Content.

REMINDER:  Sensitive Content Manager must be installed and in your environment and you must be a member of the ControlPoint Compliance Administrators group to use this functionality.

3Enter a name and description for the scan.

4If different from the default (PII - Personal Identification Information), select a Profile for this scan from the drop-down.

See also Managing SCM Profiles.

5If you want to Resubmit files that have not changed since they were previously scanned, check this box.

NOTE:  If you leave this box unchecked, previously-scanned files that have not changed will be excluded.

6Include one or more list types from the list box.  (If you also want to Include attachments, check this box.)

7Now you can:

§run the operation immediately (by clicking [Analyze])


§schedule the operation to run at a later time or on a recurring schedule


§save the operation as XML Instructions that can be executed at a later time.

A ControlPoint Task Audit is generated for the submission.  You can monitor the progress of the submission via the Sensitive Content Manager Submission Maintenance page.

Compliance Action Severity Levels

When content is analyzed by the Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager, it is evaluated against the following three severity levels, as defined in the Sensitive Content Manager Profile used for the content analysis.




Compliance Administrators specify the appropriate action to take for each severity level via the ControlPoint Compliance Actions page.

Managing Sensitive Content Manager Submissions

From the Sensitive Content Submission Maintenance page, ControlPoint Compliance Administrators can:

·monitor the progress of jobs that have been submitted to Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager for compliance scanning

·delete one or more Sensitive Content Manager jobs

·resubmit previously scanned jobs

·view a detailed analysis of compliance scan results

·manage compliance actions

To launch the Sensitive Content Submission Maintenance page:

From the Manage pane, choose Compliance > Sensitive Content Submission Maintenance.

Sensitive Content Submission Maintenance

In addition the current Status of each job (e.g., Crawling, Submitted, Analysis Completed), ControlPoint displays the number of items within each job that have been:

·Submitted by ControlPoint to the Sensitive Content Manger service for scanning

·Uploaded to Sensitive Content Manager

·Reviewed (scanned)

·Skipped (omitted from the scan; for example, if Sensitive Content Manager was unable to read an item's contents)

·are Unsupported by Sensitive Content Manager

NOTE:  For a list of supported file types, see Submitting Content to Sensitive Content Manager.

·are In Queue (waiting to be scanned).

Now you can:

·Delete selected jobs (as long as they are not currently being crawled or scanned)

·Resubmit selected jobs


§When you resubmit a job from this page, it will be submitted exactly as originally defined.  (For example, it will not include any files that have been added to a SharePoint list or library since the last scan.)  However, any items that have been quarantined since the last scan or have already been flagged "Unsupported" will not be included in the submission.

§Jobs with a status of "Compliance Actions Taken" cannot be resubmitted.  If you want a set of files for which actions have been taken to be rescanned, create and submit a new job for the same scope.

·link to:

§a Detailed Analysis of compliance scan results

§the Compliance Summary page, where you can manage compliance scan results

§the ControlPoint Task Audit for the job.

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