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Metalogix ControlPoint 8.1 - for Office 365 Administration Guide

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Getting Started with ControlPoint

Metalogix ControlPoint is a Web-based tool that runs as a SharePoint application and facilitates the management of multiple SharePoint objects (Web applications, site collections, sites, lists, libraries, and items) and users within a SharePoint farm.  In addition to enabling you to navigate throughout a SharePoint farm using a single interface, ControlPoint offers a number of powerful search and data analysis tools as well as value-added features not currently available in native SharePoint.

Launching ControlPoint Online

Use one of the following options to launch the ControlPoint Online application.

To log into ControlPoint you must be a Site Collection Administrator for the site collection that hosts the ControlPoint Online Configuration Site.

From your workstation browser:

Enter http://<machine_name>:<port_number>/_layouts/axceler/xcmain.aspx.

(The server machine name is the name of the machine on which the ControlPoint client application is installed.  2828 is the default port number for the MetalogixOnline application pool.

NOTE:  If you are a ControlPoint Application Administrator logging in for the first time, complete the login screen using the account that was designated as the ControlPoint Site Collection Administrator account at the time the ControlPoint Online application was installed.

From the machine on which ControlPoint Online has been installed:

1Log into the server using the account that was designated as the ControlPoint Service Account at the time the ControlPoint Online application was installed.

2From the Windows Start menu, choose Programs > Metalogix > ControlPoint_Online> Launch ControlPoint Online Application.


The ControlPoint Configuration Site

The ControlPoint Configuration site is a SharePoint site that is integral to your ControlPoint Online installation.

This site is used primarily for managing ControlPoint users and permissions and configuring menus that display in the ControlPoint left navigation pane.  To manage groups you either need direct rights to manage the groups or be a site collection administrator.

If you are a site collection administrator for the ControlPoint Configuration site collection, you can access the site's administration pages and ControlPoint value-added features from the SharePoint Hierarchy panel.  See "ControlPoint Security" for more detail.

If you have sufficient permissions (regardless of whether you are the site collection administrator), you can access the site's home page:

·from the SharePoint Hierarchy panel, by right clicking the ControlPoint Configuration Site - Root Site and choosing Open Site.

ControlPoint Configuration Cloud OPEN2

·from the Manage ControlPoint panel by choosing ControlPoint Configuration > ControlPoint Configuration Site.

ControlPoint Configuration OPEN 2


Using Discovery to Collect Information for the ControlPoint Database Cache

Discovery is a background task that collects information and stores it in the ControlPoint Services (xcAdmin) database cache for use in ControlPoint data analysis and reporting.  

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