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Metalogix Content Matrix 9.2 - SharePoint Edition User Guide

Introduction Entering the License Key Metalogix Content Matrix Console End User Interface Enabling Advanced Mode Connecting to SharePoint Migrating to SharePoint Online Using the Import Pipeline Preparing for a Migration How Content Matrix Handles Various SharePoint Components
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Configuring PowerShell for Use with Content Matrix
Registering Metalogix Command DLL Files Adding PowerShell Snap-Ins for the Application Framework Content Matrix PowerShell Commandlet List
Metalogix.System.Commands Metalogix.SharePoint.Commands Metalogix.Jobs.Reporting.Commands Metalogix.SharePoint.Migration.Commands
Modifying Content Matrix Configuration and Settings Configuring Content Matrix for Distributed Migration Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Keyboard Shortcuts


Are there any keyboard shortcuts in the Metalogix Content Matrix Console? If so, what are they?


Yes, there are a few basic keyboard shortcuts within the Metalogix Content Matrix Console. They are:

·Ctrl + A - This will Select All items within the Items view or in any of the logging sections (such as the Job List section or the Log Viewer).

·Ctrl + C - This will Copy any selected item(s) within Explorer view or Item view, including sites and lists. It will also copy any selected item(s) or information within the logging sections (such as the Job List section or the Log Viewer).

·Ctrl + V - This will Paste any selected item(s) within Explorer view or Item view, including sites and lists. It will also paste any selected item(s) or information within the logging sections (such as the Job List section or the Log Viewer).

·Delete - This will Delete any selected item(s). This applies to all views and items within Metalogix Content Matrix.

·Ctrl + P - This will open the Properties dialog for any selected item in Metalogix Content Matrix, in both the Explorer view and the Items view.

·Ctrl + S - This will open the Save dialog for the current Job list.

·F2 key - This will Rename any selected job list in the Job List in the main UI. Simply select the desired job list, in the Job List section, press F2, and type in the new name for the job list.

·F5 key - This will Refresh any selected node in the Explorer View. This is the same as using the Refresh node option in the context (right-click) menu.

License Key Troubleshooting


I have been unable to get Metalogix Content Matrix to recognize my license key. When I copy and paste it into the box, I get a "the specified license key is invalid" error.


Here are some things to check:

·Confirm that the license you are installing is for the correct application versions of Metalogix Content Matrix. Contact Quest to verify that it is.

·When performing an offline key activation, make sure to enter the long key in its entirety, including the "=" symbol at the end of it.

·Verify that you have write privileges to the registry. The installer will fail if the registry is locked. In some cases there may be a group policy that is preventing the user from adding the key in the registry, despite the user having the correct permissions.

·Some versions of Windows will automatically block write access to the registry under the user account, even if that account has write access to the registry. In this case you can go to the application installation folder, right click on the application executable, and choose 'Run as Administrator'. Then re-enter the license key.

Determining the Status of a Migration Running in the Background


Is there a way to determine what the status is for a migration that is running in the background?


Yes, this can be done. This is more of a workaround method that should achieve the same results.

For this method to work users must create a new batch file for the job list, and store it in a commonly accessible area on the file system. Give this job list the same name as the one that is, or will be, running in the background. After the main job is running in the background, the new job file can be opened in any users instance of Metalogix Content Matrix. When the new job is opened, users will be given a snapshot view of the job in progress (this is not a real-time update).

For example, let's say that a job file called "Big Job" is running in the background, and another user wants to determine the progress for this job. They would create a new Job file, and call it "Big Job" to match the existing (running) job and then place that file in a commonly accessible area on the file system. Next, they would open this new job file (the copy) in their instance of Metalogix Content Matrix. This should give the user a snapshot view of the original "Big Job" migration, in process, as it continues to run in the background.

Users can use this method to quickly determine how far along the migration is, and it's status.

MySite and User Profile Migration Issues


I am having issues migrating MySites, more specifically the User Profiles that are associated with MySites. What could be causing this issue, and is there a solution for it?


In most cases Metalogix Content Matrix can migrate MySites along with the User Profile data, however, there are cases in which this data may have trouble migrating across.

MySites can use one of four possible naming conventions in the MySite host, and these naming conventions can affect how MySite and User Profile data can be returned. These naming conventions are:

·Domain_Username - This naming convention requires that the MySite name needs to be specified as the same name for the user who it belongs to. The Domain_Username format is used to name the MySite. For example if user John_Doe had a MySite, the MySite would be named John_Doe.

·Unknown - The naming convention for this type is an unknown format. As a result all Metalogix Content Matrix can return is the information we get from the SharePoint Object Model (OM). This format is returned if end users have modified the naming convention to a custom format. This is usually the naming convention that causes the most issues.

·Username_CollisionsDomain - This naming convention uses a User name format (and not a Domain_Username format). When migrating MySites, Metalogix Content Matrix will use the Domain_Username format if a MySite with the User name (under the User name format) already exists.

·Username_CollisionError - This naming convention will be used if the Username_CollisionsDomain format is being used and an exception is thrown because a site with the same user name already exists.

In the case of the Unknown naming format, Metalogix Content Matrix may not be able to preserve the naming convention, in which case the migration of the MySite should fail.

In this type of situation there is a workaround method that users can use. Instead of migrating the MySite as a MySite, you can migrate it as a regular SharePoint site collection (to any target location). Once this is done you can then manually link the User Profile to the appropriate site collection or site.

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