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Metalogix Content Matrix 9.2 - Release Notes

Metalogix® Content Matrix 9.2

Release Notes

October 2020

These release notes provide information about the latest Metalogix® Content Matrix release.

·New Features

·Resolved Issues

·Known Issues

·System Requirements

·Product Licensing

·Third Party Contributions

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New Features

Version 9.2 of Metalogix Content Matrix introduces the following features:

·In SharePoint Edition, Distributed Migration has been re-architected to eliminate the need for a Controller and allows any available agent to pull a migration job directly from the Distributed Database (instead of having the Distributed Database push jobs to agents). This allows for more efficient resource utilization.  Because of this change:

§Existing users of Distributed Migration in SharePoint Edition will need to set up each agent using the new installation steps in order to continue using Distributed Migration and to run any existing migration jobs remotely.

§Distributed Migration has been removed from eRoom and Public Folder Editions.

§Self-Service Migration has been removed from SharePoint Edition.

·Because of the complexities involved with connecting to Office 365 groups when migrating to SharePoint Online, a separate option to Paste as a Modern Team Site is no longer available. Instead, modern team sites will automatically be loaded into the Console as part of the hierarchy without connecting to Office 365 groups.  When migrating classic team site to a SharePoint Online target, you will have the option to automatically upgrade classic team sites to modern team sites with no Office 365 groups.

·When making a connection to a SharePoint database, you can now specify a content database by entering it directly or selecting from a list of all databases in SQL server, not just SharePoint databases. This allows for faster retrieval of the database, especially in large environments.  

·A new authentication type, Office 365 OAuth with MFA Authentication, supports connections to SharePoint Online in environments that use Office 365 multi-factor authentication.

·When using OAuth authentication, you can now connect to Office 365 tenants that uses a custom domain, which includes US Government Community Cloud (GCC) tenancies.

·To be consistent with current Microsoft terminology, the "Azure/SPO Containers" option has been renamed "Import Pipeline," and additional options for choosing public or private containers has been added to the SharePoint Edition List Options tab.

·Content Matrix can now migrate Nintex classic forms from/to all of the following versions:

§SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016, 2019, and SharePoint Online

§SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019, and SharePoint Online

§SharePoint 2016 to SharePoint 2016, 2019, and SharePoint Online

·In Public Folder Edition, you can now migrate emails to SharePoint document libraries.

·Two new keys have been added to the EnvironmentSettings.xml file:

§If your environment is enabled for U.S. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), you can change the default value of the key FIPSEnabled to make Content Matrix compatible with that environment.

§For faster processing of migrations that use PowerShell scripts, you can change the default value of the key SkipActionsConnectionCheck in order to bypass the password check, which can impact performance.

Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Case No.

The issue "Unable to connect GCC High Tenant using OAuth authentication type" has been resolved.



The issue "Incorrect Modified User value written to items migrated using the migration pipeline when Modified User on Source is not in User Mappings file" has been resolved by setting the value to the migrating user account.



The issue "Incorrect Source URL is being written to log file when migrating to SPO using a SP2016 DB connection" has been resolved.



The issue "Running multiple migrations simultaneously is resulting in The given key was not present in the dictionary error" has been resolved.



The issue "Migration of customized library results in Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array" has been resolved.



The issue "Disabled/missing AD users on Source are not having authorship info added to folders in Doc Libraries or to List Items for SPO target" has been resolved.



The issue "Sites created in SharePoint Online with Special Characters in the URL are migrated without the special characters" has been resolved.



The issue "When a site title has a "&" symbol, it migrates as "&" has been resolved.



The issue "Unable to migrate Nintex Forms from an On Premises source using SSL to SPO" has been resolved.



Nintex workflow can now be migrated for a tenant registered in any region.



When making a connection to a SharePoint database, you can now specify a content database by entering it directly or selecting from a list of all databases in SQL server, not just SharePoint databases. This allows for faster retrieval of the database, especially in large environments.  



When using a Local object model connection to SharePoint, the Connect as Different User option is now disabled, as you can only connect using the logged-in account.



The issue "Incremental migration is resulting in duplication of 'Home' link when migration to SP2016" has been resolved.



The issue "Migrating large library of externalized (StoragePoint) content results in Out of Memory error" has been resolved.



The issue "Document Service ID is not getting preserved for picture library on target when migrating SharePoint on premises > on premises.



Users can now migrate emails to a document library created in Public Folder Edition.



The issue "In Public Folder Edition, when migrating data from PST to SPO using the migration pipeline, Invalid user gets mapped to 'System Account' instead of migrating account" has been resolved.



Proxy passwords are now encrypted in PowerShell and the ActiveConnections.xml file.



To allow faster processing of migrations using PowerShell scripts, a new variable in the Environment Settings file, SkipActionsConnectionCheck,lets you bypass the password check that occurs by default and can impact performance.



The issue "Console has misplaced and mis-sized UI components on machine running Japanese OS" has been resolved.



The issue "Error [Versioning must be enabled and the number of major versions must be between 1 and 50000.] occurs while updating list Information in the migration to SPO" has been resolved in release



Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those issues attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

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