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Metalogix Content Matrix 9.2 - eRoom Edition User Guide

Introduction Entering the License Key Content Matrix Console End User Interface Connecting to eRoom Connecting to SharePoint Preparing for Your Migration Initiating a Migration Configuring Copying Options Saving or Running a Migration Action Mapping Links and Running Link Correction Incremental Migration Log Files Using PowerShell with Content Matrix
Configuring PowerShell for Use with Content Matrix
Registering the Metalogix Command DLL Files Adding the PowerShell Snap-Ins for the Application Framework Content Matrix PowerShell Commandlet List
Metalogix.System.Commands Metalogix.SharePoint.Commands Metalogix.Jobs.Reporting.Commands Metalogix.ERoom.Commands
Using Powershell for Nested Content Reports and Pre-Migration Check
Modifying Content Matrix Configuration and Settings Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Product Announcements Splash Screen

When you launch the Metalogix Content Matrix Console, a splash screen displays with the latest Metalogix Content Matrix product announcements.  If you have internet access, you will receive announcements directly from the Quest website.  If you do not have internet access, the splash screen displays offline text included with your Metalogix Content Matrix installation.

You have the option of preventing this screen from displaying in the future by clicking the Do not show this screen again box.  (If you select this option, display of the splash screen will resume the next time you perform a Metalogix Content Matrix Console installation or upgrade.)

Automatic Updates

Metalogix Content Matrix Console can automatically check online to see if a more recent version of the product is available for download. This takes place when Metalogix Content Matrix starts.  To help ensure that you are taking advantage of the latest features and fixes, it provides a direct line to download and installation of new Metalogix Content Matrix builds.

Automatic Upgrades requires access to the internet. While Metalogix Content Matrix will check every time it is opened, it is also possible to run a manual check. To do so, go to the main toolbar and choose Help > Check for Updates.

If you are already running the latest build, the Check for Updates dialog will open and you will be informed that you already have the latest version installed. If there is a new build available for download, the Download and Install Update dialog will open.
Running the Automatic Update

When Metalogix Content Matrix checks for updates and finds a newer build available for download, users will be prompted to update with the Download and Install Update dialog.


1.Click [Download] to directly download the latest build to your current machine.

The progress of the download is displayed in the Download progress bar.

NOTE:  If you are accessing the internet through a proxy server, the here link can be clicked on to open the proxy configuration dialog.

2.Once the download is complete, click [OK] to continue.

The Download and Install Update dialog will still be open, but the Download button will be replaced with the [Install] button.


You will have the option of installing the new build directly from here by clicking the [Install] button. This will open the Installation guide. If you are continuing the installation process directly from this dialog, then the Metalogix Content Matrix Console will close itself down, so the install process can be run.

NOTE:  When running the automatic upgrade process, only the latest build of the Metalogix Content Matrix Console will be updated. Any installations of the Metalogix Extensions Web Service will have to be updated manually.  See the Metalogix Content Matrix Advanced Install Guide for details.

Entering the License Key

When installing the Metalogix Content Matrix Console for the first time or when launching the Console after your license has expired, you will be prompted to input an Activation License Key. If you are trying to install a new license key over an existing key, choose Help > Update License from the Metalogix Content Matrix Console ribbon.  

To enter a license key:

1.In the Activate License Key dialog, select I have a license key, and enter the license key provided by Quest (the key can be copied and pasted into the provided space).


NOTE:  If you are updating from a Metalogix Content Matrix installation older than version 6, select the I am updating from an older version and have an old-style key option, and enter the key in the provided space (or paste into the first field from your clipboard).

2.Select the appropriate activation method.

NOTE: Most systems can use the Online activation method as long as the system has internet access. If you are unable to use the online activation method due to security settings or lack of internet access, the Offline activation option can be used.

Online Activation

NOTE:  In order to activate your license, the following URL must be unblocked by your firewall:

1.After entering the license key, select Online activation.

2.If you need to configure proxy settings:

§Click the Set proxy… link.

§Follow the procedure for Configuring Proxy Settings.

3.Click [Next].

Metalogix Content Matrix will contact the licensing server and attempt to authenticate the license key, after which, on successful activation, a 'Congratulations!' message will be returned, and the license key will be active and in use.

4.Click [Finish] to complete the process.

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