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Metalogix Content Matrix 9.2 - eRoom Edition User Guide

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Container Options

The Container Options tab enables you to specify how you want Metalogix Content Matrix to migrate specific types of content.

The available options depend on the migration action.  For example, if you chose to migrate as a site collection or site, all options would be included, including options to

·Replace all invalid characters in name with: - This check-box option replaces any invalid characters that are found during the migration with a character of your choice. By default this character is set as "_" but this can be changed.

·Enable Tree View Navigation in Site - This check box activates the tree view settings in the target SharePoint site. This means that the Quick (left-hand) Navigation will be changed from it's default view to display a tree view of the navigation instead.

eRoom Containers Options

If you chose to migrate as a Document Library, a subset of these options are included.  

eRoom Document Library Options

If you chose to migrate a specific item type (Calendars, Discussion Boards, Links, Polls, etc.), only options specific to that item type is available.

eRoom Calendar Options

eRoom Containers - Include Subfolders

When the Container Options - Include subfolders box is checked, any subfolders from the eRoom container will also be created in the SharePoint document library for any documents that are in the eRoom subfolders. If not checked, no subfolders will be included in the migration.

eRoom Containers - Include Inboxes/Notes/Discussions

If you initiated a migration of an eRoom as a SharePoint site collection or site or a migration of eRoom inboxes, notes, or discussions, you can specify how inboxes and mail check the Include inboxes/mails box

If you initiated a migration of a Discussion Board, the Copy Discussion / Inbox / Note dialog contains a separate tab, Inbox/Notes Options with the following options:

·Include comments - This option determines if all the content in the "Comments" column in the eRoom content will be migrated into the SharePoint Discussion board. If this option is selected, all the "Comments" will be migrated as the body of the discussion topic. If this option is not selected, only the discussion topic (with the original heading comment) will be migrated, and no other comments will be migrated to the SharePoint Discussion board.

EXCEPTION:  if the contents to be migrated is nested, comments will be migrated regardless of the "Include Comments" setting.

·Map user metadata - When this check-box option is selected users and groups will be migrated to SharePoint, along with their metadata. For more information on this option please see Permissions Options.

·Migrate images in html contents into image library - If this check-box option is selected, any images in the eRoom HTML content will be migrated and placed into a SharePoint Picture library. After the images have been placed in the library, the HTML content containing the image will have its internal link for the image corrected, to point the image link to the picture library, where the image now lives. There is a text box below the check-box option that becomes enabled when the check-box is selected. This text box allows you to specify the name for the picture library that will be created.

eRoom Containers - Include Documents

If you chose to migrate an eRoom container as a site collection, site, document library, or document(s) you can specify how documents should be migrated.

To configure Document Options:

eRoom Document Options

1.In the Container Options tab, make sure the Include Documents box is checked, and click the [...] button to display the Document Options dialog.

NOTE:  If you chose to migrate individual documents, Document Options displays as a separate tab, in place of the Container Options tab.

2.If you want to include Include versions in the document copy, check this box, then select the appropriate sub-options.  Use the information in the following table for guidance.

If you want to ...

Then ...

update any existing SharePoint libraries so that versioning is enabled on them

check the Update existing libraries to enable versioning box.

migrate all of the document versions from eRoom into SharePoint

select the Migrate all versions radio button.

migrate only the last specified number of versions

select the Migrate latest ...version, and select the number of versions you want to migrate from the drop-down.

NOTE:  If you accept the default value (1), only the last version will be migrated.

3.If you are migrating into an existing document library and want to map specified eRoom fields into SharePoint fields:

a)Check the Map custom fields (Limited support) box.

b)Click [Edit Mappings].

c)Follow the procedure for Column Mapping.

4.If you want to apply a selected content type to the migrating content, check the Apply the following content types box and select a content type from the drop-down (which contains all of the content types that exist on the target).

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