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Metalogix Content Matrix 9.2 - eRoom Edition User Guide

Introduction Entering the License Key Content Matrix Console End User Interface Connecting to eRoom Connecting to SharePoint Preparing for Your Migration Initiating a Migration Configuring Copying Options Saving or Running a Migration Action Mapping Links and Running Link Correction Incremental Migration Log Files Using PowerShell with Content Matrix
Configuring PowerShell for Use with Content Matrix
Registering the Metalogix Command DLL Files Adding the PowerShell Snap-Ins for the Application Framework Content Matrix PowerShell Commandlet List
Metalogix.System.Commands Metalogix.SharePoint.Commands Metalogix.Jobs.Reporting.Commands Metalogix.ERoom.Commands
Using Powershell for Nested Content Reports and Pre-Migration Check
Modifying Content Matrix Configuration and Settings Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Mapping Links for Link Correction

Metalogix Content Matrix can correct eRoom Link objects that are migrated as items in a SharePoint Links list. If these links  point to an internal location they will be corrected to the new target location as part of a migration. Metalogix Content Matrix can also correct links in column data within document libraries and lists.

When content is migrated from eRoom to SharePoint, Metalogix Content Matrix will create a SharePoint list called MigrationSourceURLs, with a column called MigrationSourceURL, and will place the URL for that eRoom container into this field. The MigrationSourceURLs list will store the source URL data for the eRoom containers that are migrated, and the MigrationSourceURL column will hold the actual URL value. A TargetURL column will also be added to the list, for the migration target URL. This way, users can see the source and target URLs for the eRoom links.

Viewing StoragePoint Details

As of the 7.3 release of Metalogix Content Matrix, all Storage Point-related options and functionality are no longer supported in this Edition.

Initiating a Migration

From the Metalogix Content Matrix Explorer View, you can "copy" an object from the source connection then "paste" it to the appropriate location on the target connection.  You will then be prompted to configure Copy Options.


Migrating an eRoom Container as a SharePoint Document Library

For eRoom deployments that almost exclusively contain documents, the logical SharePoint equivalent is to migrate them as a SharePoint Document Library. While Document Libraries cannot contain other sites or list types, they are the simplest user construct for document management

NOTE:  For deployments that contain all types of content (documents, calendars, discussion lists, and databases), other migration options are available.

To initiate an "eRoom as a SharePoint Document Library" migration:

1.In Explorer View, navigate to the eRoom or eRoom folder you want to migrate.

2.Right-click and choose the Copy eRoom Container.

3.Select the SharePoint site under which you want to create the Document Library.

4.Right-click and choose Paste eRoom Container > As Document Library.

5.Continue with Configuring Copying Options.

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