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Metalogix Content Matrix 9.0 - Release Notes

Metalogix® Content Matrix 9.0

Release Notes

October 2019

These release notes provide information about the latest Metalogix® Content Matrix release.

·New Features

·Resolved Issues

·Known Issues

·System Requirements

·Product Licensing

·Third Party Contributions

·About Us

New Features

Version 9.0 of Metalogix Content Matrix introduces the following features:

·Nintex Forms can be migrated from Sharepoint 2013 and 2016 to SharePoint Online.

·Improvements have been made to migrations to SharePoint Online using Azure for:

§ Records Center properties

§"Shared With " metadata used in MySites (OneDrives) and Team Sites.

·For all active editions of Content Matrix (SharePoint, eRoom, and Public Folder), Office 365 OAuth Authentication can be used to connect to SharePoint Online.

·When migrating from SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online, the migration of lists, libraries, files, folders, and list items with attachments that include the special characters %, #, and/or + is now supported.

·You can now map to and from online domains with extensions other than .com.

·Three new PowerShell commandlets have been added to SharePoint Edition for managing Global User Mappings.  You can now print a list of existing user mappings in the PowerShell console, clear existing user mappings, and replace existing user mappings with mappings from a CSV file.

·The following Content Matrix editions are no longer available as of version 9.0:

§Blogs & Wikis Edition

§File Share Edition

IMPORTANT:  If you have either or both of these editions installed on the same server as other editions that you want to upgrade, It is recommended that you uninstall them before upgrading to version 9.0.  If you want to continue using the older versions of these Consoles, you may re-install them on a different server.

·The following additional components are no longer available as of version 9.0:

§Content Matrix Organizer

§the SharePoint Native Web Service (NWS) connection type

§Intelligent Migration

IMPORTANT:  Intelligent Migration cannot be used with Content Matrix version 9.0 or later.  An error will be thrown at the time you attempt to save a connection to SharePoint Online.

·Metalogix Expert is no longer bundled with Content Matrix.

Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Case No.

Content Matrix now logs source and target URLs in Azure log messages.



Exception handling has been improved for corrupted attachments when using any source adapter. The corrupted attachments will now fail to migrate, and and the proper exception will be logged.



The issue "An error occurs when applying filtering on a custom field such as Status" has been resolved.





The issue "Distributed Migration jobs intermittently failing with Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" has been resolved.



The issue "Nintex Workflows are not being migrated to an SPO target when using an account with multi-factor authentication" has been resolved.



The issue "'System out of memory error occurs in Exchange Edition for PST files with a large number of emails and attachments" has been resolved.



The issue "NullReferenceException occurs in Exchange Edition when to trying to load properties for some .PST files" has been resolved.



The Issue "No worker is available currently entry appears in Global Log even though some Distributed Migration Agents are shown as Available" has been resolved.



Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those issues attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

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