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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.9 - Public Folder Edition User Guide

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Browser View Tab

The Browser View displays a view of the content as it would be seen in a web browser for a selected node. It is also available if selecting a single item in the Items View. When selected, this tab will display a fully functioning web browser view of the selected content. You can use this Browser View to navigate or work with their content, the same way they would through a normal web browser window.

Browser View

Jobs List

Jobs in Metalogix Content Matrix Console can be managed from the Job List. Jobs, are listed for migration actions that have already been run, as well as for actions that have been saved.

Jobs List

Connecting to Public Folders

There are two basic types of connections that can be made to Public Folders: Connections to Exchange Servers and Connections to PST.

Connecting to an Exchange Server

To connect to an Exchange Server:

1.In Metalogix Content Matrix Console  ribbon menu, choose Connection > Connect to Exchange display the Exchange Server Logon dialog.

Public Folders Exchange Server Login

2.For Mailbox profile, select a value from the drop-down.

Public Folders Mailbox profile

NOTE:  If you selected Outlook, all settings will be automatically filled in.

3.Use the information in the following table to determine the appropriate action to take.

If you selected ...

Then ...

Custom profile settings

go to the next step.


go to step

4.Enter a User mailbox  (e.g. Then specify whether it is the mailbox of the Currently logged on user or Different user.

5.In the Server settings section, enter the name of the Exchange server and select a Connector type:

§Exchange Web Services (EWS) - This is the Exchange web services connector type. When this connector is selected, any public folder can be opened in Metalogix Content Matrix. Please note that for this connector type only eml message format is supported as the output file format for migration into SharePoint.  EWS must be allowed on the Exchange server.

NOTE:  This option is not available if you selected Outlook as the Mailbox profile.

§Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) - This connector type can be used only if Outlook (32bit) is installed on the local computer. When MAPI is selected, only the logged on user can browse and view public folders for which they have been given rights. However, this connector type supports msg as well as eml output formats for migration. With the msg file format, the full, original Outlook fidelity is retained and the attachment and message header and body are all contained within a single msg file in SharePoint. If Outlook is installed as the default mail client, and users double-click on the migrated msg file in the web browser in SharePoint, the message will open in Outlook and all Outlook actions are available to the user directly, e.g., Reply, Forward, etc.

§Messaging Application Programming Interface (Redemption) - This is the preferred connection method. This connector type requires CDO (Collaboration Data Objects) or Outlook (32bit or 64bit) installed on the local computer. Other features are the same as with MAPI connector type.




32bit OS and 32bit Outlook

Green Checkmark

Green Checkmark

32bit OS and CDO (Collaboration Data Objects)


Green Checkmark

64bit OS and 64bit Outlook


Green Checkmark

64bit OS and 32bit Outlook

Green Checkmark

(Metalogix Content Matrix Console - Public Folder Edition32.exe)

Green Checkmark

64bit OS and CDO (Collaboration Data Objects)


(Metalogix Content Matrix Console - Public Folder Edition32.exe)

Green Checkmark


§To apply the Redemption connector type in 64bit OS and 32bit Outlook (or CDO) environment, Metalogix Content Matrix Console - Public Folder Edition has to be started via the Metalogix Content Matrix Console - Public Folder Edition32.exe file instead of the conventional Metalogix Content Matrix Console - Public Folder Edition.exe file.

§Metalogix Content Matrix Console - Public Folder Edition32.exe is located under: <Drive>:\Program Files (x86)\Metalogix\Metalogix Content Matrix Console\Public Folder Edition\. Metalogix Content Matrix Console - Public Folder Edition32.exe does not support the SharePoint Local Object Model (OM) connection.

6.In case of EWS Connector type, either:

§select the Server version from the drop-down and enter the EWS url and OWA url then click [OK].


§click [Discover] button to open the Auto Discover dialog. Enter the User mailbox and user credentials if necessary then click [Start].

Exchange Server settings in the Exchange Server logon dialog will be filled in automatically.

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