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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.9 - Public Folder Edition User Guide

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Migration Error Message 'There was an Error Reading from the Pipe: The Pipe has been Ended (109, 0xd6)'


I am migrating some content and getting the following error: Exception: There was an error reading from the pipe: The pipe has been ended. (109, 0x6d).


What is this error? Why am I getting it? And how can I resolve it?


The error message is thrown due to a timeout on an internal call in Metalogix Content Matrix, and users can resolve the issue.

When a user tries to run an action within the Metalogix Content Matrix client application, there are some internal processes and calls that happen before Metalogix Content Matrix actually starts sending data over to the target environment. The "There was an error reading from the pipe..." message is caused when one of these internal calls/processes encounters a timeout issue as it is moving the content, and results in the item failing to copy (or the setting failing to be configured). This issue is mainly encountered when migrating to a target environment using a Client Side Object Model (CSOM) connection type.

To resolve the issue, there are a set of four configurable timeout variables, which will prevent the timeout issue from happening. These timeout variables are in the EnvironmentSettings.xml file. The below steps will review which variables will need to be changed, and how to change them.

1.First, make sure that the Metalogix Content Matrix client application is closed. If it is currently open, it will need to be closed before continuing.

2.Next, navigate to the EnvironmentSettings.xml file. Please see the Configuration Variables Files page for more details on accessing this file.

3.Open the EnvironmentSettings.xml file in an editor program (like NotePad, etc.). There are a set of four values that can be edited to help resolve the "There was an error reading from the pipe..." message, and all four of these variables should be changed. They are:

a.PipeCloseTimeout - The default Metalogix Content Matrix value for this setting is 15 minutes.

b.PipeOpenTimeout - The default Metalogix Content Matrix value for this setting is 15 minutes.

c.PipeReceiveTimeout - The default Metalogix Content Matrix value for this setting is 20 minutes.

d.PipeSendTimeout - The default Metalogix Content Matrix value for this setting is 15 minutes.

NOTE: All four of these variables are set in minutes.

While it is possible to set the Metalogix Content Matrix default values to be lower, it is not recommended, especially if the "There was an error reading from the pipe..." message is returned. However, in the case that users want to lower these values they can only be reduced as far down as the Microsoft default values. These are 1, 1, 10, and 1 respectively.

4.Set the values for the four fields to be higher than the Metalogix Content Matrix default values. Then save and close the EnvironmentSettings.xml file.

5.Restart the Metalogix Content Matrix client application and run the migration again. If the four variable settings have been set high enough, the error message "There was an error reading from the pipe: The pipe has been ended. (109, 0x6d)" should no longer be thrown.

"Insufficient Credentials" Message Connecting to Modern Team Site Using Web Browser Authentication


While trying to make a connection to an O365 modern team site using Web Browser authentication, a Login Browser popped up with the message You need permission to access this site.  Why?

Modern Team Site Perms Error


When using Web Browser Authentication, the login account must be a Site Collection Administrator (Site Owner).  You can either:

·make sure the account you are using to connect is a Site Collection Administrator


·use Office 365 ADFS authentication to connect.

See also Connecting to an SPO Modern Team Site.

Error Making a Browser-Based Connection with PowerShell Console Open


Why do I get a "Manual Reconnection Required" error when I try to run a Metalogix Content Matrix job using PowerShell?


This error would occur if you used the Metalogix Content Matrix Console to connect to a SharePoint target with Web Browser Authentication while the PowerShell console is open.  To avoid this issue, take the following steps:

1.Make sure that the PowerShell console is closed at the time you make a target connection via the Metalogix Content Matrix Console when Web Browser Authentication is used.  

NOTE: After entering your credentials, be sure to check the Remember my Password box, as credentials must be stored in the Credential Manager vault before the connection is made.

2.After you have created your PowerShell job, close the Metalogix Content Matrix Console.

NOTE:  At this point, it is recommended that you remove your Web Browser Authentication credentials from Windows Credential Manager.  You will be prompted to re-enter them when the PowerShell job is run.

3.Launch the PowerShell console and run the job.

4.When prompted, re-enter the credentials you used to connect via the Metalogix Content Matrix Console.  (Again, remember to check the Remember my password box.)

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