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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.9 - File Share Edition User Guide

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Additional Requirements for O365 Tenant Connections

Metalogix Content Matrix Console can make a tenant level connection to a SharePoint O365 environment. A tenant level connection works the same as a CSOM connection to an O365 environment, with the exception that the tenant connection can also migrate Site Collections, MySites, Modern Team Sites, and Managed Metadata. While a tenant connection is similar to the CSOM connection type, the process of creating the connection is slightly different, and also involves some prerequisite steps to set up permissions.

Required Permissions for Connecting to an O365 Tenant

In order for users to make an O365 tenant-level connection, the connecting user must have the Global Administrator permissions in the O365 tenant environment, as well as Site Collection Administrator permissions for each site collection being migrated.

Refer to  the Office Support article Assigning admin roles in Office 365 for details.

If the connecting user does not have sufficient permissions, the connection will not be completed and the following connection error will display:

O365 Tenant Authentication Error

· For a  SharePoint Online connection, you must select one of the Web Browser Authentication options if the Connect As account:

§uses "modern" (not "legacy") authentication methods.  (For more information about legacy vs. modern authentication, refer to the Microsoft Support article How modern authentication works for Office 2013 and Office 2016 client apps.)


§is part of a SharePoint Online Multi-Factor Authentication Policy.

Specifying the URL to Connect to an O365 Tenant

When making an O365 Tenant connection using Metalogix Content Matrix, the SharePoint Administration URL must be used in order for the connection to be completed; that is:


If an incorrect URL, such as a specific site or Site Collection URL is used, then the connection will not be completed and the following connection error will display:

O365 Tenant Connection Error

NOTE:  If you want to connect to a specific site or site collection, use an Object Model (OM) connection.

Connecting to SPO Modern Team Sites

Modern team sites in SharePoint Online are team sites integrated with Office 365 groups  for improved collaboration.When a modern team site is created, SharePoint Online automatically creates the O365 group and group email address.  Because of differences between modern team sites and "old-style" team sites (including the permissions required to connect to them via Content Matrix), when the tenant connection is made, the Limit Site Collection dialog will allow you to "opt out" of loading them.

Limit Site Collection Dialog

Permissions Requirements for Connecting to Modern Team Sites

When connecting to an SPO modern team site, the migrating account must be a Site Collection Administrator/Group Owner.  

If you attempt to make a site-level connection to a private modern team site for which you do not have sufficient permissions, one of the following messages displays, depending on the Authentication Type you chose:

·for Web Browser Authentication:

Modern Team Site Perms Error

NOTE:  This message also displays if you have successfully made a tenant connection using Web Browser Authentication then attempt to load a site for which you have insufficient permissions.  See also "Insufficient Credentials" Message Connecting to Modern Team Site Using Web Browser Authentication.

·for other Authentication Types:

Modern Team Site Connection Error 1

NOTE:  You may also receive a variation on the message, such as The remote server returned an error:  (403) Forbidden.

If you made a tenant-level connection that includes modern team sites—or you have successfully connected to a public modern team site—and the migrating account does not have sufficient permissions, when you click on the node in Explorer View, the message Connected user does not have admin permissions on the site displays.  

To grant site collection administrator privileges to the migrating account, right-click and choose Set Connected User as Site Collection Admin.

Modern Team Sites SET AS SCA

If, going forward, you want Content Matrix to automatically grant account site collection administrator privileges if the migrating account has insufficient permissions, from the Console ribbon Settings tab, make sure the Show Teams Access Permissions option is disabled.  (The option will also become disabled if you check Do not show this message again on the Auto Grant Permission confirmation dialog).


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