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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.9 - eRoom Edition User Guide

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Refreshing an Agent

To refresh an Agent:

1.From the Manage Agents dialog, select the Agent whose status you want to refresh.

2.Click Refresh Agent.

The information about the selected agent is re-queried from the Agent Database and presented in the Agent list. For example, if the state of the Agent has changed since the previous refresh and the Manage Agent dialog is still open, the Status of the selected Agent will change.

NOTE: A refresh also occurs whenever the Manage Agents dialog is opened.

Removing an Agent

Note: When an Agent is removed, the Agent definition is deleted from the Agent Database. The Metalogix Content Matrix Console, the application file mappings and License files are not removed from the Agent machine.

1.From the Manage Agents dialog, select the Agent you want to remove.

2.Click Remove Agent.

A dialog displays asking you to confirm the removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers some of the most frequently asked questions about using Metalogix Content Matrix.

Images Not Migrating with eRoom Content


I have migrated some content from eRoom, but the images within the content do not seem to have been migrated. What could be the issue, and what are the possible solutions?


In eRoom, images are generally stored in Database lists. When eRoom Edition migrates these images it uses an HTML method.

If images haven't migrated after the Database has been migrated, the first thing to do is check the log file for any warnings or errors for the image item. Search through the log for an image item that failed to migrate, and open its Log Item Details, and go to the Error Details tab. In the Error Details you can see the URL that eRoom Edition used to fetch the image from (not the SourceURL). Copy the image URL, and enter it into a web browser to see if it works (if the image is displayed).

The most common cause of images not migrating, is that this URL isn't completely correct. In some cases there is an extra "bit" added to the URL. This is usually an extra "/eRoom" added near the root of the URL. Remove this extra bit and try to view the image through the URL again. If it works then proceed to the next step. If not, continue adjusting the URL until you find one the allows your browser to view the image.

Once you have the correct URL, make a new connection to eRoom using the root address of this image URL, then try re-migrating your image.

If the issue persists after this, please contact Quest Support.

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