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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.9 - Blogs and Wikis Edition User Guide

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Connecting to SPO Modern Team Sites

Modern team sites in SharePoint Online are team sites integrated with Office 365 groups  for improved collaboration.

Permissions Requirements for Connecting to Modern Team Sites

When connecting to an SPO modern team site, the migrating account must be a Site Collection Administrator/Group Owner.  

If you attempt to make a site-level connection to a private modern team site for which you do not have sufficient permissions, one of the following messages displays, depending on the Authentication Type you chose:

·for Web Browser Authentication:

Modern Team Site Perms Error

NOTE:  See also "Insufficient Credentials" Message Connecting to Modern Team Site Using Web Browser Authentication.

·for other Authentication Types:

Modern Team Site Connection Error 1

NOTE:  You may also receive a variation on the message, such as The remote server returned an error:  (403) Forbidden.

If you have successfully connected to a public modern team site and the migrating account does not have sufficient permissions, when you click on the node in Explorer View, the message Connected user does not have admin permissions on the site displays.  

To grant site collection administrator privileges to the migrating account, right-click and choose Set Connected User as Site Collection Admin.

Modern Team Sites SET AS SCA

If, going forward, you want Content Matrix to automatically grant account site collection administrator privileges if the migrating account has insufficient permissions, from the Console ribbon Settings tab, make sure the Show Teams Access Permissions option is disabled.  (The option will also become disabled if you check Do not show this message again on the Auto Grant Permission confirmation dialog).


Preparing for Your Migration

Metalogix Content Matrix offers a number of tools to help you locate and organize data and in preparation for your  migration.  You can:

·Sort and group pages within a blog or wiki connection

·Validate taxonomy columns between source data and SharePoint target

·Create SharePoint objects

·Delete SharePoint objects

Showing and Hiding Source Pages in Explorer View

To show/hide pages in Explorer View:

1.In Explorer View, select the blog or Wiki site that contains the item(s) for which you want to show pages.

2.Right-click and choose the available option; either:

§ Show Pages (if pages are currently hidden)

BW Show Pages in Explorer

The selected blog or Wiki site node will become expandable. When expanded all of the pages that exist under the selected node will be displayed in the Explorer View.

Showing Pages

§Hide Pages (if pages are currently shown).

The node will no longer be expandable (unless one of the navigation options is used on it again), and the pages will be "Hidden" again.

Sorting Source Pages

Metalogix Content Matrix Console - Blogs and Wikis Edition has a built-in sorting feature to facilitate data pruning. Below is a quick example of how to sort pages within a blog or Wiki "site" connection. The same steps can be used against other blog and Wiki sources.

NOTE: Page sorting is a session-scoped action, so it will not be persist the next time Metalogix Content Matrix is launched.

To sort source connection pages:

1.In Explorer View, navigate to the blog or Wiki site that contains the item(s) you want to sort.

2.Right-click, choose  Arrange By, then choose from the three available properties: Publishing Date, Title, or Type.

BW Sort Pages

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