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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.9 - Advanced Installation Guide

Online Activation

1.After entering the license key, select Online activation.

If you need to authenticate the key through a proxy (not a common practice), click Set Proxy then enter the Server name/IP and port number for the proxy, as well as any necessary credentials to access it.

2.Click [Next].

Metalogix Content Matrix will contact the licensing server and attempt to authenticate the license key, after which, on successful activation, a 'Congratulations!' message will be returned, and the license key will be active and in use.

3.Click [Finish] to complete the process.

Offline Activation

NOTE:  The offline activation option is generally used in cases where you cannot use the online activation due to security settings or lack of internet access. This option will still require some internet access, but allows for the authentication to be done from another machine that is not as restricted by security or has a connection to the internet.

1.Select Offline activation.

2.Click [Next].

A Generate Activation Request dialog displays with a different key. This key can be copied from the window, or the Save to file option can be used to save the key into a text file (in case it needs to be copied to another machine).

3.Copy the Activation URL (listed under the Activation Request) to a web browser that has internet access.

Alternately if the system the Metalogix Content Matrix Console is on does have internet access through a Web browser, click Go to automatically open a web browser to this URL.

4.On a machine that has internet access, use the Activation URL to navigate to the Offline Activation page.


§Enter the key into the Activation data text box.


§If the key was saved to a file, select Browse and navigate to the file.

6.Click [Activate].

Upon successful activation, a new key displays in the text box.

7.Do one of the following:

§To save the key as a DAT file, click [Download file].


§To copy the key to the clipboard (if the license will be activated on the same machine), click [Copy text].

8.Click [OK] to continue.

9.Return to the Activate License dialog.

10.If the Generate Activation Request window is still active, click [Next]. to the Enter your Activation Response window.

11.Use one of the following options:

§If you copied the key to the clipboard on the same machine, paste it into the window.

§If you saved the key to a DAT file, navigate to, and select the DAT file.

12.Click [Next]. The license key will be active and in use.

13.Click [Finish] to complete the process.

Configuring the Extensions Web Service

While there are no settings that need to be configured for the Extensions Web Service, there is a way to confirm that they are installed correctly and are working.  

To confirm that the Metalogix Extension Web Services is installed and working:

After installing the Extensions Web Service, you should check to make sure that it was installed correctly. To do this you can attempt to connect to the web service page in a browser window by entering: [YourSiteURL]/_vti_bin/ml/[Extensions Web Service version number]/mlspextensions.asmx. For example, if the Extensions Web Service (version is installed on a server named SharePointServ, then you would enter:


If this command does not successfully connect to the Metalogix Extensions Web Service web page, then it may mean that the Web Service was not installed on all Web Front Ends for this farm.

Another method that can be used to check if the Extensions Web Service was installed is to go to the Solution Management page in Central Administration and see if the metalogix.sharepoint.adapters.extensions.X.X.X.X.wsp file is listed (where "X" is replaced by the version number). Users can find the Solution Management page at:

·SharePoint 2007 - Central Administration > Operations > Solution Management.

·SharePoint 2010 or later - Central Administration > System Settings > Farm Management > Manage farm solutions.

Next Steps

The Metalogix Content Matrix Console  and the Extensions Web Service are now installed in running in your migration environment(s). Please see the Metalogix Content Matrix Evaluation Guide for the next steps in beginning your evaluation and testing.

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