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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.8 - Public Folder Editon User Guide

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Deleting a SharePoint Object

You can delete a SharePoint object via Metalogix Content Matrix as long as the connection type is not read-only. SharePoint objects that can be deleted via Metalogix Content Matrix are:

·SharePoint Sites

·SharePoint Lists

·SharePoint Document Folders

·SharePoint Documents

·SharePoint List Items

If the action is not valid for the connection type, it will be disabled.

NOTE:  Document versions and list item versions cannot be deleted via Metalogix Content Matrix.

To delete a SharePoint Object:

1.Select the SharePoint object to be deleted.

NOTE:  Depending on the type of object, this may be in the Explorer View or in the Items View.


§Press the Delete key on the keyboard.

§Right-click on the object and choose Delete [Object].

Delete List Menu Option

You will be prompted to confirm the action before continuing.

Viewing StoragePoint Details

As of the 7.3 release of Metalogix Content Matrix, all Storage Point-related options and functionality are no longer supported in this Edition.

Configuring Copying Options

The Paste [Object] dialog provides a tabbed interface that enables you to configure a migration according to your specifications.  Available tabs will vary based on the type of migration that you initiated.

Hierarchy Options

You can migrate your source Exchange Public Folder hierarchy to the target SharePoint environment as part of a basic migration. You can also create a sub-site/sub-folder hierarchy based on the number of items in each Public Folder "container."

NOTE:  As of version 8.8, Content Matrix supports target URLs for Public Folders migrated to SharePoint Online of up to 400 characters, which is the maximum length that SharePoint Online allows.  

See Creating a Target Hierarchy  for more details.

PF Hierarchy Options

To configure Hierarchy Options:

1.Chose the appropriate Hierarchy creation type; that is, whether you want Metalogix Content Matrix to create the folder hierarchy under the target SharePoint node as:




2.For Split containers after:, specify the maximum number of items to be migrated into one container (a document library, folder, etc.).

NOTE:  If the number of items in the source container exceeds the number specified, Metalogix Content Matrix will create a new container at the same level.

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