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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.8 - File Share Edition User Guide

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Job List Database fails to Load After Upgrade


I recently upgraded to Metalogix Content Matrix Console version v.6.2.x.x and my Job List database is failing to load. What might be causing this issue? and how can I fix it?


This issue was likely caused by a recent upgrade to Metalogix Content Matrix Console's security features. A security upgrade has been made in Metalogix Content Matrix Console version and later. This change has resulted in two potential issues that users can encounter. These issues and their resolutions are:

·Issue 1: The Job List database failing to load.
Resolution: When the Metalogix Content Matrix Console client opens, an error message will prompt the user to open the Job List file again. Go down to the Job List section and click File > Open Job List. This will open a Browser window. Navigate to the location that contains the LST file for the Job List that was previously listed in the Job List section. Then select the LST file and click Open. The Job List will now be loaded and users can continue as normal.
Due to the security upgrades in version and later, the security settings for the Job List need to be upgraded. Metalogix Content Matrix Console cannot do this while the job is actively selected, but can apply the update to the existing Job List the next time it is loaded back to the Job List section of the client application.

·Issue 2: Any connections that have had the Save my credentials check box selected will no longer have their passwords saved.
Resolution: For any connections that had their credentials previously saved by using the Save my credentials option, you will need to connect or reconnect to that environment and enter the password in again, then complete the connection. The security upgrade has caused the encryption file for any saved passwords within Metalogix Content Matrix Console to be upgraded, and to apply this upgrade to this file, any saved passwords must be re-entered.

Migrating Empty Folders


Is it possible to migrate any empty folder within my File Share?


Yes, it is possible to migrate any empty folders into SharePoint. By default any empty folders that exist within the File Share folder structure will be migrated into the target SharePoint environment.

If the configuration options for the migration are set to determine the folder name (that each file should be migrated into) based on the data in a custom column, then any empty folders will still be migrated but they will ignore this setting and instead use the original empty folder name.

Retrying Failed Document Copies to O365 CSOM Connections


When I try to migrate some of my content into O365 using a SharePoint CSOM or Office 365 Tenant connection type, and this content contains a large Document Library, I see that some of my documents fail to migrate. The logs for the failure indicate that a "HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error" was thrown. What is the cause of this? And how can I fix it?


There is a potential issue when migrating specifically to O365 where users can encounter an "HTTP 500" error. This is caused by a combination of the CSOM/Tenant connection adapter and SharePoint's document upload methods. To help resolve this issue there is a document retry feature that can be configured. This retry feature will attempt to upload the document(s) into the O365 target, and depending on the configured setting, will attempt to retry the upload process if it fails or times-out on the initial try.

The below steps will explain how to enable and configure this retry setting.

NOTE: This retry method is only meant for migrating to O365 targets. If you are migrating to an on-premise target, then this retry feature will not benefit you since it makes use of O365 specific methods.

1.Make sure that the Metalogix Content Matrix client application is closed.

2.In the file system that the Metalogix Content Matrix Console client application is installed on, navigate to the following folder location:

·Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 2010 - <Drive>:\ProgramData\Metalogix

·Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows XP- <Drive>:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Metalogix

3.In this location there should be an EnvironmentSettings.xml file. Open this file in an editor program. For example, Notepad, etc.

4.There are two variables that will need to be modified in order for the retry method to work. They are:

·CSOMDocumentRetriesNumber - This value determines the number of times that Metalogix Content Matrix will make another attempt to upload/migrate any document(s) that has failed the initial document upload try, when migrating to a O365 CSOM target.

·CSOMDocumentRetriesDelay - This value determines the amount of time, in seconds (s), that Metalogix Content Matrix will wait before starting a document upload retry, and is based on the above ("CSOMDocumentRetriesNumber") variable.

NOTE: The default values for these two variables will be set as "0". Users can set these values as desired, based on what works best for their environment.

5.After the desired values have been entered in the two variables, save and close the file.

6.Restart the Metalogix Content Matrix client application. The changes should now be in Metalogix Content Matrix Console, and used when running any migration to an O365 target environment.

After these values have been set and the client application has been restarted, any documents that fail on the initial migration attempt we be retried.

Azure Batches Getting Stuck


I am migrating some content through the Azure SPO Pipeline. After some time the Azure batches seem to simply stop. Why am I facing this issue?


Migration duration and overall performance using the Azure SPO Pipeline may vary due to factors outside the control of Metalogix Content Matrix. The pipeline that processes migration resides within Microsoft's domain and is subject to Microsoft's internal processes, such as maintenance and upgrades.

You may experience a delay of several hours before batch completion if the machines that Microsoft uses for the pipeline undergo maintenance/upgrades or if there are O365 service issues/outages (as can be seen in the O365 Admin Center under Service Health).

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