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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.8 - File Share Edition User Guide

Introduction Entering the License Key Overview of Content Migration Content Matrix Console End User Interface Enabling Advanced Mode Enabling and Disabling Optimistic Mode Connecting to a File System Connecting to SharePoint Preparing for Your Migration Initiating a Migration Configuring Copying Options Saving or Running a Migration Action Log Files Using PowerShell with Content Matrix
Configuring PowerShell for Use with Content Matrix Content Matrix PowerShell Commandlet List
Modifying Content Matrix Configuration and Settings Frequently Asked Questions About Us


This is the same as Get-MLSharePointListFromDatabase with additional parameters:

·FolderPath - The list-relative path to the desired folder, separated by "/".

·ItemName - The filename or ID of the desired item. (Mandatory)


This is the same as Get-MLSharePointSite with an additional parameter:

·ListName - The name of the desired list. (Mandatory)


This is the same as Get-MLSharePointSiteFromDatabase with an additional parameter:

·ListName - The name of the desired list. (Mandatory)


·ServerURL - The URL of the SharePoint server to connect to. (Mandatory)

·User - A user to connect as, in DOMAIN\Login format.

·Password - The password for the user provided.

·ReadOnly - Indicates that the connection made to the SharePoint site should be read only.

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