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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.8 - File Share Edition User Guide

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Linking Source Columns to SharePoint External Data (BCS) Columns

Metalogix Content Matrix allows you to create special columns that are linked to a SharePoint External Data (BCS) source. With these columns users can attribute external items to documents prior to migration. At migration time, these terms will be applied to the migrated documents.

Overview of Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in SharePoint 2010 and Later

Business Connectivity Services (also referred to as External Data) is a feature introduced in SharePoint 2010 that enables the use of content from external data sources in SharePoint. Metalogix Content Matrix supports retrieving External Items from a SharePoint BCS data source, attributing those items to source documents, then applying those terms in an existing External Data Column when content is migrated.

Connection icon

Currently, only connections over the SharePoint Object Model (OM) are supported. This includes connections using the Local OM (by installing locally on the SharePoint server), or connections using the Extensions Web Service (remote OM connections).

Applying external items to migrated documents involves the following tasks:

A.Create a new SharePoint External Data (BCS) column to your source Metabase project. This column will be associated with a pre-defined SharePoint External Content Type.

B.Use the external data column to attribute terms to your documents.

C.When pasting your documents to your target, map the source Taxonomy column to an existing External Data column on SharePoint.

Creating External Data (BCS) Columns

Creating a SharePoint External Data (BCS) column is very similar to creating any other column in your Metabase project.

To create External Data (BCS) Columns:

1.Make sure you are connected to the target SharePoint server (currently only Local Object Model and Metalogix Extensions Web Service connections are supported).

2.In the Explorer View, select any directory in your file system connection that contains documents.

3.Switch to the Items View.


5.Select the drop down arrow next to the [Manage Column] button, and choose New Column to display the Add Column dialog


6.Click [Manage Columns] to display the Manage Columns dialog then click the Add icon.

FS Add Column

5.Enter a Property Name for the BCS column.

6.For Type, select SharePoint External Data (BCS) from the drop-down to display the Select SP Server Connection dialog.

7.Specify the details of the SharePoint connection, and external content type the new column should be associated with. The details must be specified in the following order.

a)SharePoint Connection - The active SharePoint connection from which to load external content types.

b)External Content Type - The specific external content type to be associated with the column.

c)Display Property - The external content type column that will be displayed.

8.Click [OK] to accept the selected external content type information and return to the Add Column dialog.

9.Specify the Description, Category, and Display Name for this new external data column. Only the Category option is required from these three fields, and it will be set to Misc by default.

10.Click [OK] to close the dialog, and create the new column.

The new column is added to your Metabase connection.

Setting External Data (BCS) Column Values

You can set external (BCS) values on a single File Share file or for multiple documents at a time.

To set BCS values on a single File Share file:

1.In the Explorer View, navigate to the folder that contains the items for which you want to set BCS values.

2.Switch to the Items View and locate the BCS column for which you want to set values.

3.Double-click on the cell for the appropriate file to make the cell editable.

4.Begin typing the desired value.

As you type, available terms that are loaded from the SharePoint server will be suggested as options.

5.When you are finished, press <ENTER>.

The BCS value will now be set for that file.

To set BCS values for multiple documents at one time:

1.In the Explorer View, navigate to the folder that contains the items that for which you want to set taxonomy values.

2.Switch to Items View and locate the BCS column for which you want to set values.

3.Click [Show Properties] in the upper right corner of the Items View to display the Property Grid.

4.Select all the files for which you want to set BCS values.

5.Locate the BCS column in the Property Grid.

6.Click on the appropriate property field.


§Select a value from the drop-down


§Manually enter a value.

NOTE:  If manually entering a term,  the entered value must match the syntax that the column uses in order for the value to be correctly set.

8.Press <ENTER>.

Mapping External Data (BCS) Values

Once you have created a new SharePoint BCS column to the source Metabase project and set BCS values to the File System documents, you can map the columns like any other metadata when you configure your migration.

However, the following should be considered when setting up a mapping.

·The external content type associated with the source SharePoint External (BCS) column must match the content type associated with the target External Data column in SharePoint.

·Values in SharePoint External (BCS) columns can only be mapped to lists on the same SharePoint instance to which the column is connected to.

·Mapping to a new column with a SharePoint External (BCS) column as the source will result in the creation of a single line of text column in the SharePoint list.

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