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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.8 - File Share Edition User Guide

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Adding, Editing, and Deleting Source Property Columns

You can add, edit, and delete property fields (columns) on the source connection directly from the Metalogix Content Matrix Items view, using the Manage Columns option.  Data can then be mapped to SharePoint columns on the target

NOTE:  Alternatively, you can edit columns using an exported .CSV file.  See Using CSV Files for Content Editing for details.

Any edits, additions, or deletions  will be applied to the columns in general, no matter what hierarchy level the change is made in.

To access the Manage Columns dialog:

1.In Explorer View, select the folder under which you want to add the new property column.

2.Switch to Items View.

3.Click Manage Columns.

Manage Columns dialog

The Manage Column dialog displays a list of all of the available columns from the source node. Information includes: the column Name, Display Name, Description, Category, Type, if it Is User Defined, if it is Read Only, if it Is Displayed, and if it Can Display. Any rows that are highlighted are columns that exist, but cannot be displayed.

NOTE:  Any columns that are added/created by users will have a Is User Defined value of Yes, will an Is Read Only value of No. Only columns that have been created by users can be edited.

To add a new property column:

1.In the Items View toolbar either:

·Click Manage Columns to display the Manage Columns dialog, then click the Add icon.


·From the Manage Columns drop-down, select New Column.

FS Add Column

2.Enter a Property Name.

CAUTION:  Once the column is created, the Property Name cannot be changed.

3.In the Type drop down, select the desired column type for the column.  Available options are:

·String - For text shorter than 256 characters.

·Long String - For text longer than 256 characters.

·Integer - For integer numbers.

·Decimal - For numbers with decimals.

·Boolean - For true / false values.

·Date/Time - For date and time values.

·Url - For URL values.

·SharePoint Lookup - For SharePoint Lookup columns.

·SharePoint Choice - For SharePoint Choice columns.

·SharePoint BCS - For SharePoint BCS columns.  

·SharePoint Taxonomy - For SharePoint Taxonomy columns.

NOTE: The [Configuration] button is disabled when adding or editing most column types. For Types that require configuration (SharePoint Lookup and Choice columns, SharePoint BCS columns and SharePoint taxonomy columns), refer to the applicable topic.  Refer to the topic on configuring SharePoint taxonomy columns for applicable  detail.    

4.(Optional) Enter a Description of the property.

5.Select a Category under which to place the new column (Misc. is the default value.)

6.(Optional) Enter a Display Name  for the property.

NOTE:   If this field is left blank, Metalogix Content Matrix will use the Property Name as the display name.

7.Click [OK] to add the new column to the File Share connection.

To edit or delete a property column:

1.In Explorer View, select the folder under which you want to add the new property column.

2.Switch to Items View.

3.Click [Manage Columns] to display the Manage Columns dialog

4.Use the information in the following table to determine the appropriate action to take.

NOTE:  If an action is not valid for a selected column (for example, the column is not user-defined or cannot be displayed) the option will be disabled.

If you want to....

Then ...

edit a column

·Select the column you want to edit.

·Click the Edit icon to display the Edit Column dialog.

·Update the editable fields (Description, Category, and/or Display Name) as necessary.

FS Edit Column

NOTE: Property Name and Type fields cannot be edited.

show or hide a column

·Select the column you want to show or hide.


§Click [Hide] if the column is currently displayed.


§Click [Show] if the column is currently hidden.

delete a column

·Select the column you want to delete

·Click the Remove icon.

CAUTION:  When a column is deleted/removed, all of the metadata for items in this field will also be removed from the source connection in Metalogix Content Matrix.  It will not, however, be removed from the actual source data.

You will be prompted to confirm the action before continuing.

5.Click [OK] to update the file on the source connection.

Finding and Replacing Property Values

The Find/Replace action allows you to search for specific values within a selected property field and either return the results of the search, or replace the searched for value with a new value. The Find/Replace action can be run on any selected node from Explorer View, or on any selected item(s) in Items View.

Advanced Mode Icon  This option is only available when Advanced Mode is enabled.

To Find/Replace a Property Value:

1.Select a node in Explorer View or one or more items in Items View.

2.Right-click and choose Metadata Modifications > Find and Replace in Column to display the Search And Replace dialog.

FS Search and Replace Property

3.In the Find what field, enter the value to search for.

4.If you want to replace the value, enter the value to Replace with.

5.In the Look in field, select the column that you want to search.  The drop-down is automatically populated with all of the currently available columns for which the Find/Replace can be performed.

6.Select a the Match parameter.

§Any part of Field - Each occurrence of a the search expression is replaced.

§Whole Field - If the whole field is equal to the value.

§Start of Field - Only occurrences that appear at the beginning of a property are replaced.

§End of Field - Only occurrences that appear at the end of a property are replaced.

§Regular Expression - Each occurrence that matches the regular expression is replaced.

NOTE:  When you select Regular Expression as the Match type, a Multi-line check-box becomes enabled. This allows the search/replace value for both the searched for and replacement value to be multiple lines of text.

§XPath - Each node that matches the xpath query is replaced. Replacing text needs to be valid XML.

7.If you want any replaced value to be added with the same case as the value in the Replace with field, check the Match Case box to make the search/replace case sensitive and only search/replace vales that meet the exact case of the search value.  

NOTE:  This is available for all Match types, except for XPath.

8.Click [OK] to run the action.

When the search/replace action starts the logs can be viewed (in progress or after the action is finished) by clicking [Details>>]. After the action has completed a note will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the dialog stating the number of completions, as well as any warnings or errors that may have been encountered (if there were any).

Once complete, all of the search values will be listed in the logs, and if a value was replaced the log will indicate that there has been a change.

Editing Source Column Properties

Within Metalogix Content Matrix you can work with and manipulate the properties (columns) of source File Share items. This includes adding new properties and values, editing existing properties and values, and transforming properties and values. This section will review various actions that users can take to manipulate and work with this data.

To edit a source column:

1.In Explorer View, select the folder that contains the column be edited.

2.Select the desired folder node, then switch to Items View.

3.Click [Manage Columns] to open the Manage Columns dialog.

Any edits, additions, or changes made in this dialog will be applied to the fields (columns) in general, no matter what hierarchy level the change is made in.

4.From the list of columns, select the desired field to edit. When the field is selected, click the Edit button on the far right-hand of the dialog. This will open the Edit Column dialog.

To Edit a source column property value:

1.In Explorer View, navigate to the folder that contains the properties you want to edit.

2.Switch to Items View.

Note that you can only edit values that are displayed with dark text, usually  properties under the Misc category heading, plus a few others.  Any values that appear to be greyed out are not available for editing (this usually consists of properties under the FileNode and File Location Properties categories).

3.To edit a property value, either:

·Double-click the field to enable editing.


·Click Show Properties in the toolbar to display a property window  that provides a list of all of the available columns and field values for the selected item. Select the field value that you want to edit.

NOTE:  You can sort data by column header.

4.Edit the field as appropriate.

5.When you are finished editing the field, press <ENTER> or select a new row.

Merging and Duplicating Source Columns

The Merge/Duplicate action allows you to copy one or more source property columns into a another property column. The resulting column can only be of one type, so it recommended that any property columns that are "merged" should be of the same type. For example, merging two text columns, or two date/time column, but not merging a text column with a date/time column. If merging multiple property fields or copying a single property field, the original property field(s) will still remain so that the source data will still exist on its own. The copied /merged data can be output into either another existing property field (column) or it can be placed into a new column.

Advanced Mode Icon  This option is only available when Advanced Mode is enabled.

To Merge/Duplicate a Column:

1.Select a folder in Explorer View, or select one or more items in Items View.

2.Right-click and choose Metadata Modifications > Merge/Duplicate Columns option to display the Copy or Merge Columns dialog.

FS Copy or Merge Columns

3.In the Available Columns list, select the columns to copy or merge.

4.Use the left and right arrow buttons to move columns from the Available Columns list to the Selected Columns list.  Use the up and down arrow buttons to change the order of columns in the Selected Columns list.


·Select an an existing column into which you want to merge the data from the Output Column drop-down


· Click [New] and add a new column into which to copy data.

6.The resulting data can either be placed from an existing column, selectable in the drop down menu, or from a column. Please see the Adding, Editing, Deleting, and Displaying Properties page for more details on adding a new property field.

7.If multiple property columns are being merged, enter a Separator to use between properties The default separator values are

§\t - This adds a tab space.

§\n - this creates a new line.

§\r\n - This adds a carriage return and new line.

8.Click [OK] when ready to continue.

The columns and their data will now be copied into the new or existing column using the specified settings, and the original source data will still exist in the source columns.

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