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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.8 - eRoom Edition User Guide

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Configuring PowerShell for Use with Content Matrix
Registering the Metalogix Command DLL Files Adding the PowerShell Snap-Ins for the Application Framework Content Matrix PowerShell Commandlet List
Metalogix.System.Commands Metalogix.SharePoint.Commands Metalogix.Jobs.Reporting.Commands Metalogix.ERoom.Commands
Using Powershell for Nested Content Reports and Pre-Migration Check
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Viewing Agent Details

To view Agent details:

1.From the Manage Agents dialog, select an Agent in the list.

2.Click View Agent.

CONTEN~1_img137Agent Details

The table below describes the information in the Agent Details dialog.:



Agent Name

Name of the physical or virtual machine that is set up as an Agent.

IP Address

The Internet Protocol identifier of the Agent.

OS Version

The version of the operating system used by the Agent.

CM Version

The version of the Metalogix Content Matrix Console installed on the Agent.

Connected As

Down-level logon name used to access the Agent. For example, mydomain\administrator.

Agent Output

List of log messages from the Agent prefixed with a time stamp. The most recent message appears at the top of the list.

Editing an Agent

You can change the account credentials of an Agent via the Edit Agent dialog.

To edit an Agent:

1.From the Manage Agents dialog, select the Agent whose credentials you want to change.

2.Click Edit Agent to display the Edit Agent dialog.

Note that the Agent Name and IP Address fields are read-only and disabled. The [Browse] button is also disabled.

Edit Agent Dialog

3.If necessary, change the User Name and/or Password.

4.Click [Connect] to update the credentials.

Updating an Agent

You can update the Metalogix Content Matrix Console versions and the application mapping files via the Update Agent dialog.

To update an agent:

1.From the Manage Agents dialog, select the agent you want to update.

2.Click Update Agent. to display the Update Agency dialog.

Update Agent

3.Select one of the options described in the following table:

If you want to …

Select …

update the Metalogix Content Matrix Console version installed on the selected Agent to match the Controller version

Update Metalogix Content Matrix Consoles


·If the Controller (Host) version matches the version installed on the Agent, then the message 'Metalogix Content Matrix Consoles with same version is already installed' is logged.

·If the Controller (Host) version is older than the Agent version, then the update fails, and the message 'Installation failed' is logged.

·License file and Mapping files will be updated every time, even when no updates are required.

copy the latest application mapping files (UserSettings.xml, EnvironmentSettings.xml, and ApplicationSettings.xml) from the Controller (Host) to the Agent

Update Application Mappings only.

4.Click [OK].

The Update Agent dialog closes and the selected update is completed if possible. The status will change to Configuring until the update completes. If the update is successful, the status changes to Available.

NOTE:  To view the current status, click Refresh Agent.  To see other logged messages, click View Agent,

Refreshing an Agent

To refresh an Agent:

1.From the Manage Agents dialog, select the Agent whose status you want to refresh.

2.Click Refresh Agent.

The information about the selected agent is re-queried from the Agent Database and presented in the Agent list. For example, if the state of the Agent has changed since the previous refresh and the Manage Agent dialog is still open, the Status of the selected Agent will change.

NOTE: A refresh also occurs whenever the Manage Agents dialog is opened.

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