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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.8 - Advanced Installation Guide

Uninstalling Content Matrix SharePoint WSPs

You can uninstall Metalogix Content Matrix WSPs (Metalogix Extension Web Service, and/or Email Viewer) using the ContentMatrix_Web_Setup.exe file or from Windows Programs and Features.

·An alternate method for removing the Metalogix Extension Web Service is by retracting the metalogix.sharepoint.adapters.extensions solution from the Solutions page in Central Administration:

§for SharePoint 2010,  2013, or 2016:

Central Administration > System Settings > Farm Management > Manage farm solutions

§for SharePoint 2007

Central Administration > Operations > Solution Management.

To uninstall Metalogix Content Matrix WSPs using ContentMatrix_Web_Setup.exe:

1.Locate and launch ContentMatrix_Web_Setup.exe. to display the  Installation Wizard.

NOTE:  Because this installer requires an elevated set of permissions to run, if you do not have the required permissions a message will open informing you that elevated permissions are required. To run the installer with these elevated permissions, select the installer file, right-click and select the Run as administrator option.

2.Click [Remove/Modify/Repair Metalogix Content Matrix WSPs] to display the Program Maintenance dialog.

Program Maintenance

3.Use the information in the following table to determine the appropriate action to take.

If  ...

Then ...

you want to uninstall all WSPs that may be installed on the machine

select Remove.

you have multiple WSPs installed on the machine and want to choose which ones to uninstall

a)Select Modify to display the Console Setup dialog.

b)De-select the WSPs you want to uninstall.

WSP Uninstall

c)Click [Install].

If you are uninstalling Organizer, you will be prompted to to retract the solution before continuing with the uninstall. Click [OK] to launch the Metalogix Content Matrix Organizer Configuration Wizard and follow the prompts to retract the Organizer solution. When completed, the uninstall will continue.

Uninstall Organizer Prompt

4.When the uninstall is complete, click [Finish].

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