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Metalogix Content Matrix 8.8 - Advanced Installation Guide

Next Steps

The Metalogix Content Matrix Console  and the Extensions Web Service are now installed in running in your migration environment(s). Please see the Metalogix Content Matrix Evaluation Guide for the next steps in beginning your evaluation and testing.

Additional Documentation

Metalogix Content Matrix documentation ships with the application, but is also available online at

Additional documentation is described below.



Metallogix Content Matrix Evaluation Guide

The Evaluation Guide will guide you through various Metalogix lurgic Content Matrix Console migration actions. This is provided for the purpose of evaluating and reviewing Metalogix  Content Matrix to migrate your content into SharePoint. Prospective clients are encouraged to use this guide for basic testing.

Quick Start Guide for Metalogix Content Matrix Console

The Quick Start Guide provides a quick explanation of how to install the Metalogix Content Matrix Console, and its additional components.

This document helps get you installed and set up under a specific scenario in order to start Evaluation testing.

Metalogix Content Matrix Edition-specific Help

Metalogix Content Matrix Console is comprised of a number of migration “Editions,” and each of these Editions has its own set of “Help” documentation:

This documentation can be found within the client application itself by going to Help in the ribbon menu, and selecting Help Topics (this is the same for all Editions, and provides you with general directions and information on all of the available migrations and actions.

There are also Online versions of the most current Help files on the Quest website at at

Metalogix Content Matrix Release Notes

For every release of Metalogix Content Matrix Console, there is also a set of Release Notes. These notes list all of the new features and fixes that have been included in the release build. This list also includes all of the features and fixes for Metalogix Content Matrix.

.Metalogix Content Matrix Organizer User Documentation

NOTE:  Metalogix Content Matrix Organizer is available only if you have a Content Under Management (CUM) license issued prior to version 8.8.



Metalogix Content Matrix Organizer Administration Guide

The Metalogix Content Matrix Organizer Administration Guide provides Administrator users with instructions for installation and all of the available actions and configurations for the Organizer. These directions are more advanced than the standard Users Guide.

Metalogix Content Matrix Organizer Users Guide

The Metalogix Content Matrix Organizer User Guide provides general users with directions and information on all of the available actions and configurations for the Organizer.



This section describes how to uninstall Metalogix Content Matrix Console and its additional SharePoint WSPs components.

Uninstalling the Content Matrix Console Client Application

You can uninstall Metalogix Content Matrix Consoles using the ContentMatrix_Web_Setup.exe file or from Windows Programs and Features.

To uninstall the Metalogix Content Matrix Console Using ContentMatrix_Web_Setup.exe:

1.Locate and launch ContentMatrix_Web_Setup.exe. to display the  Installation Wizard.

NOTE:  Because this installer requires an elevated set of permissions to run, if you do not have the required permissions a message will open informing you that elevated permissions are required. To run the installer with these elevated permissions, select the installer file, right-click and select the Run as administrator option.

Uninstall 1

2.Click [Remove/Modify/Repair Metalogix Content Matrix Consoles] to display the Program Maintenance dialog.

Program Maintenance

3.Use the information in the following table to determine the appropriate action to take.

If  ...

Then ...

you want to uninstall all Consoles that may be installed on the machine

select Remove.

you have multiple editions of the Console installed on the machine and want to choose which ones to uninstall

a)Select Modify to display the Console Setup dialog.

b)De-select the Console editions you want to uninstall.

Console Setup

c)Click [Install].

4.When the uninstall is complete, click [Finish].

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