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Metalogix Backup for SharePoint 6.5.1 - User Guide

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Ports Used for SharePoint Backup Services

In order to use Metalogix Backup for SharePoint components for daily operations, the following ports need to be open:




TCP 7484

Management Console > Management Service

TCP 7485

Management Service >  Backup Service

Primary Backup Service >Backup Service

TCP 1433,

UDP 1434,

or custom

Management Service > Backup Repository

This port can be replaced if an instance or a non-default port is used for SQL server.

TCP 137,138,139

or TCP/UDP 445

Management service > Backup Service

Management Console > Management Service

Management Service > SharePoint SQL Server

Management Service > Backup Set location

This port should be open where the Management Service and backup services will be installed.


The following image illustrates the ports that need to be open to perform Metalogix Backup for SharePoint operations:



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