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Metalogix Backup for SharePoint 6.5.1 - Evaluation Guide

About This Guide

This document provides new users with the opportunity to evaluate Metalogix Backup for SharePoint within their own SharePoint environment. It will lead users through a variety of common Metalogix Backup for SharePoint use case scenarios from a simple farm backup and scheduled backup, to granular restoration of items, and the mounting of content databases.


In order to perform the evaluation scenarios for Metalogix Backup for SharePoint, outlined in this document, you must first install Metalogix Backup for SharePoint and configure it with an activated license, and connected to at least one farm. See the Metalogix Backup for SharePoint Advanced Installation Guide for instructions about the installation and configuration of Metalogix Backup for SharePoint.

The scenarios in this document require you to prepare your environment as follows:

·Metalogix Backup for SharePoint is installed.

·Metalogix Backup for SharePoint is connected to at least one SharePoint farm that also has a web front end.

·SharePoint web applications should have the following items on them:

·List Item or Document

·List or Library


·Website or Site Collection

Performing a Full Farm Backup

This section will review scenarios that will allow you to do various full farm backups.

Backup all Databases

This scenario demonstrates the way in which to complete a full backup of all your environment's databases. This scenario assumes that your Metalogix Backup for SharePoint environment is connected to at least one SharePoint farm.

1.In the Metalogix Backup for SharePoint Management Console, in the left pane, click Farm Backup/Restore.

2.In the Farm Backup/Restore pane, click All Servers for any farm.

3.In the right pane, click the Backup tab.

4.In the select farm components to back up area, check off All Farm Components.

5.Select Full Backup from the Action section of the top left hand panel. This will start the backup wizard.

6.On the welcome screen of the backup wizard, click Next.

7. On the Backup panel, insure that All Farm Components are selected. Click Next.

8.On the Options panel name the backup "Backup 1", in the Backup Description section write "Evaluation Backup". Click Next.

9.On the Mount Options panel, select the content databases on which to mount the backup. Click Next.

10.On the Target SQL Server panel, select the SQL Server and its credentials where the content database will be mounted. Click Next.

11.On the Summary panel, click Backup.


1.Go to the Operation Queue tab in the top left hand panel in order to see the backup operation's progress.

2.You can view the completed backup operation on the Overview tab, found in the top left hand panel.


In this scenario you:

?Created a backup of all the databases on a farm.

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