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Metalogix Archive Manager for Files 8.1.1 - Prerequisites


Operating System

·Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

·Windows Server 2012

·Windows Server 2012 R2

·Windows Server 2016

·Windows Server 2019


NOTE: Latest updates and service packs for servers are recommended.

Windows Server Roles and Features

·.NET Framework 3.5

·.NET Framework 4.6.1

·IIS Installation

oWeb Server / Web Server / Performance / Dynamic Content Compression

oWeb Server / Web Server / Security / Windows Authentication

oWeb Server / Web Server / Application Development

?.NET Extensibility 3.5

?.NET Extensibility 4.5

?ASP.NET 3.5

?ASP.NET 4.5

?Web Server / Management Tools / IIS 6 Management Compatibility / IIS 6 Metabase

?Web Server / Management Tools / Management Service

oUnder Features check:

?.NET Framework 3.5 Features

?.NET Framework 4.5 Features / .NET Framework 4.5

?.NET Framework 4.5 Features / ASP.NET 4.5

?.NET Framework 4.5 Features / WCF Services (all checkboxes under this item)

Supported File Systems (Sources)

·Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

·Windows Server 2012

·Windows Server 2012 R2

·Windows Server 2016

·Windows Server 2019

·NTFS including mount-point support


·NetApp Filer


Supported Clients and protocols

·Windows Clients

·Macintosh clients when CIFS/SMB protocol is used

·AFP protocol (e.g. ExtremeZ-IP software)

Supported Database Servers

·Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher

·Oracle 11g, 12c and 18c

oOracle clients (x86 and x64 required on Archive Manager Server - Installation type: Administrator)

Supported Web Browsers for ArchiveWeb

·Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher

·Microsoft Edge

·Mozilla Firefox 16 or higher

·Chrome 33 or higher

·Opera 12 or higher

Hardware Requirements


Minimum specification

Recommended specification

Number of Processor Cores



Main Memory

4 GB

12 GB

Hard Disk

10 GB

10 GB

The table shows the minimum requirements.

Additional Information

·Archive Manager for Files must be installed on the Windows file server where archiving is planned.

·For remote archiving (Windows shares, NetApp or VNX), we recommend installing the software on a dedicated server.

·Installations on Domain Controllers are not supported

·The software installs web applications into the Default Web Site by default. This can cause conflict with other applications like Microsoft CRM or SharePoint. To change the installation website, manual changes are required after the installation. Please contact support in such cases.

·The application, log files and cache folders require 10 GB of HDD space. The space for the database and the file store must be calculated from the amount of the archived messages.

·Metalogix Archive Manager is fully supported in a virtualized environment.

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