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Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange 8.5 - Release Notes

Version 8.0.107

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work item

Unable to open HTML attachment links from Outlook due to SQL timeout


Add-In silent installer does not add correct server names


Difference in displaying archived emails in Outlook than in AM


Script error when the mailbox is archived through the job


Addin is not opening shortcuts


Unable to add Office 365 Server


AddIn cannot connect to AM


Extend SMTP allowed IPs handling


High CPU load on SQL during PP Indexing


MAM Manager service not responding


Addin offline cache limit behavior


Importing mailboxes from Exchange returns no users


Not possible to archive with retention over ~ 200 months


Mailbox update throws an error in Addressbook manager


MAMExHandler crashing during migrations


Slow indexing (Less than 15k per hour)


O365 connection always responds that the credentials are incorrect.


Centerra timeouts during migration


Inconsistent full-text search results


Ceyoniq: Information from header disappearing after archiving


AW The search still shows mailboxes from the previous search


AW Template of the search cannot be shared, as the grid in AW is empty


AW full-text searches slow


AW search is hanging if we add email addresses to the advanced tab


OWA extensions through an error in combination OWA balancer


High CPU and Memory load by Search Service


Shortcuts not working after migration to Office 365


Scheduler Service is hanging after job runs


Apostrophes in AW Fulltext


Shortcut sync job is stuck due to exhausted system resources


AME not deleting journal emails after archived


SMTP service does not work with O365


HSM Asynchronous packer not able to move HSM GZip files


AW restore does not work


Failed to archive into S3 object storage


Import of room and equipment mailboxes is not possible


Address book sync deactivating users


MAPI Service crashes periodically


AW7 - Fulltext + receiveDate + advanced options does not work


Error while opening archived emails


Restore wizard - Unable to restore lost items when the filter is set


EPExchangeSV High Memory Consumption


SMTP archiving - High CPU usage


OWA preview is empty in combination with OWA load balancer


AW7 shows no subfolders for mailbox


Index out of range


Migration jobs are causing almost 100% CPU usage on SQL server



System Requirements

The requirements described below  are applicable for installing the Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange application components, and are compatible with the following Microsoft Exchange servers:

·Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

·Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

·Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

·Microsoft Office365 (Exchange Online)


NOTE: System requirements for optional components of the Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange are described in the corresponding document for each optional component.



Minimum specification

Recommended specification

Number of Processor Cores



Main Memory

4 GB

12 GB

Hard Disk

10 GB

10 GB


NOTE: The application, log files and cache folders require 10 GB of HDD space. If the Archive Manager for Exchange server includes the database, and is used as a local storage for archived messages as well, then the the Hard Disk size must be revised upwards to add more space for the database and the file store.

Operating System

·Windows Server 2012

·Windows Server 2012 R2

·Windows Server 2016

·Windows Server 2019


NOTE: Latest updates and service packs for servers are recommended.

Windows Server Roles

·Web Server (IIS)

oWeb Server > Common HTTP Features > HTTP Redirection

oWeb Server > Performance > Dynamic Content Compression

oWeb Server > Security > Basic Authentication

oWeb Server > Security > Windows Authentication

oWeb Server > Application Development

§.NET Extensibility 3.5

§.NET Extensibility 4.5 or later

§ASP.NET 3.5

§ASP.NET 4.5 or later

oManagement Tools > IIS 6 Management Console

oManagement Tools > IIS 6 Management Compatibility > IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility

oManagement Tools > Management Service

Windows Features

·Remote Server Administration Tools

oRole Administration Tools > AD DS and AD LDS Tool > Active Directory module for Windows PowerShell


NOTE: Ensure that PowerShell can communicate between the Archive Manager server and the Exchange server and between the Archive Manager server and the domain controller

·.NET Framework 3.5 Features

For Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2

·.NET Framework 4.5 Features > .NET Framework 4.5

·.NET Framework 4.5 Features > ASP.NET 4.5

·.NET Framework 4.5 Features > WCF Services (all checkboxes under this item)

For Windows Server 2016

·.NET Framework 4.6 Features > .NET Framework 4.6

·.NET Framework 4.6 Features > ASP.NET 4.6

·.NET Framework 4.6 Features > WCF Services (all checkboxes under this item)

For Windows Server 2019

·.NET Framework 4.7 Features > .NET Framework 4.7

·.NET Framework 4.7 Features > ASP.NET 4.7

·.NET Framework 4.7 Features > WCF Services (all checkboxes under this item)

Redistributable packages

·Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x64)

·Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x86)

Microsoft Outlook

The table below identifies the mail clients that are supported for use together with each version of Exchange. Supported clients are identified by a check mark (ü)


Exchange 2019

Exchange 2016

Exchange 2013 SP1 and later

Office 365




Outlook 2019 (32-bit)




Outlook 2016 (32-bit)

ü 1

ü 1


Outlook 2013 (32-bit)

ü 1

ü 1



NOTE: 1 - Supported with the latest Office service pack and public updates.

Database Servers and Drivers

·Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to Microsoft SQL Server 2019

oMicrosoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server, or newer

·Azure SQL Database

·Oracle 12c to Oracle 19c

oOracle client (x86 or x64)

Web Browsers

Web browsers are required for ArchiveWeb and is included here because this optional component is installed automatically if Express installation is considered.

·Microsoft Edge

·Mozilla Firefox 16 or higher

·Chrome 33 or higher

·Opera 12 or higher

Additional Information

·Installation of Metalogix Archive Manager application components on a Microsoft Exchange Server or Domain Controller are not supported.

·The software installs web applications in the Default Web Site. This could cause conflict with other applications like Microsoft CRM or Microsoft SharePoint. To change the installation website, manual changes are required after the installation. Please contact Technical support in such cases.

·Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange is fully supported in a virtualized environment.

Notes and Notices

Upgrade Considerations

A full database backup before the upgrade is strongly recommended.

Upgrades from Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange 7.4 or later releases are supported. If Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange products or components are installed on other computers in a distributed architecture, all products or components must be updated to the same version. Upgrade can take a considerable amount of time due to database model changes in version 8.0.

Upgrades to the full-text search feature requires the migration of existing metadata for search indexes from Firebird© and search history from SQLite© to new database schema objects when you upgrade from version 8.1.1 or earlier. For Microsoft SQL Server©, two additional databases are required. For Oracle, two additional tables are required. Additions to the existing database and subsequent data migration are managed by the upgrade wizard and does not require any additional steps by the administrator. You can install the database schema objects manually. The scripts to install the additional databases and schema objects are available in the installation media folders which are created when you extract the installation files from the installer package.

End of Support Notice

Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange no longer supports:

·Windows Server 2003 (all versions)

·Windows Server 2008 (all versions)

·Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

·Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

·Microsoft Outlook 2003

·Microsoft Outlook 2007

Please refer to System Prerequisites document for more details.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our support specialists at  


Product Licensing

Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange is available for a free trial. The free trial is valid for 30 days (date of first login + 29 more days).

1.Go to

2.Click the Download Free Trial button.

3.Fill and submit the Download Your Free Trial form.

4.Download the installer from the link in the email you receive from Quest.

5.Verify the System Requirements and install Metalogix.

Steps to activate your license online

1.Run the installation wizard from the Metalogix Archive Manager Installation Package.

2.Follow the installation steps until you reach the Checking Prerequisites page.

Install-Checking Prerequisites

3.Click Validate your license button for the Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange product license. The Activate License Key window appears.


4.Enter your license key and click Next.


NOTE: If the internet access is filtered out by proxy on the Archive Manager server, click the Set proxy link to enter the respective parameters.

5.The license will be validated and you can continue the installation.


NOTE: See the Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange 8.5 Quick Start Guide for more information about online and offline license activation.

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