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Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange 8.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Snippet-Steps-to-add-superuser to-Admin-group

The superuser must be able to run windows services and accomplish tasks that require administrator privileges on the Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange feature servers. Follow the steps described below to grant administrator privilege to the superuser on each feature server.

1.Log in to each server with its local administrator credentials.

2.Navigate to Start > Windows Administrative Tools > Computer Management

3.From the Console Tree, navigate to the System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Groups container.

4.From the list of groups in the right-hand pane, right-click Administrators and select Properties from the context menu. The Administrators Properties window opens.

5.Click Add.

6.In the Enter the object name to select field, enter the user logon name of the super user. For example, enter sales\mamadmin

7.Click Check Names to verify the logon name.


8.Click OK to add the superuser to the Administrator group.

9.In the Administrators Properties window, click Apply and OK to complete the process.


TIP: Log out of the server and log in again with the superuser's credentials to quickly verify that the superuser can access the server.

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