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Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange 8.1.1 - Administration Guide

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How to display group members

To check group members:

1.In Manager view, click on the Groups tab.

2.In the left pane, right-click a desired group and, in its context menu, click Show members.


3.A list of group members will be displayed.

Settings tab

On the Settings tab in Manager view you may specify additional useful settings. We will describe what the upper and lower limit values are used for, etc.

·Threshold settings

·Outlook Addin permissions

·Group level retention

·Shortcut templates

·Shortcut to user assignment

·Archive size report

·Notification settings


Threshold settings

On this tab it is possible to define mailboxes for which the Threshold job should run (see “Threshold job”). The threshold functionality allows the administrator to control the size of the mailboxes in the Exchange Server and to prevent them from overflowing. (The limit defined for a mailbox in MS Exchange Server can be processed by Archive Manager as well).

The administrator can set the Lower and Upper limit. Upper and Lower values are percentages from the total mailbox limit allocated to a mailbox/group on the MS Exchange Server. These two values are closely associated with Threshold job, which actually does the “cleaning up” of the Exchange message store. When the Upper value is reached for a specific mailbox/group, then archiving via Threshold job can “free up” some space on the MS Exchange Server until the Lower value is reached for the respective mailbox/group.

Example: The mailbox has a limit of 100 MB (defined in MS Exchange Server). The administrator defines the threshold values 50/90. If the mailbox size reaches 90% of the limit (90 MB), the Threshold job will archive the mailbox until the size of the mailbox drops under 50% of the limit (50 MB). The threshold job archives the oldest messages first (default settings). The order of the messages can be modified using the scheduler service config key (“ThresholdSortBy”) in <installdir>\ Metalogix\MAM4Exchange\ Services\ PamExSchedulerSv\ PamSchedulerSv.exe.config. The following values can be used:

·Order by last modification date (ascending, i.e. oldest first) [value = “0”]

·Order by received date (ascending) [value = “1”]

·Order by size (descending, i.e. biggest first) [value = “2”]


NOTE: After config file modification services must be restarted.

Further, it is possible to exclude specific messages from threshold processing. The Threshold job will archive the mailboxes but it will filter out specific messages based on your configuration. Available filtering for Threshold job:

·Filtering by message size

·Filtering by age

·Filtering by folder

·Filtering by message class

This filtering can be also configured using the scheduler service config keys in <installdir>\ Metalogix\MAM4Exchange\ Services\ PamExSchedulerSv\ PamSchedulerSv.exe.config. For more information see the following table:


Config key

Default value


By message size



Minimum size (in KB) of the email which can be included in the threshold processing. All emails smaller than the defined size are not archived.

By age



If value > 0, messages which are younger than x days are excluded from processing.

By folder



Semicolon separated list of exclude folders defined for threshold job; the syntax is the same as in case of group exclude folders.

By message class



Semicolon separated list of include message classes for the threshold job.

The mailbox limit in Exchange Server can be defined on two levels: on the mailbox level and on the Information Store level. For Archive Manager the mailbox limit has a higher priority than the Information Store limit. These limits are read from Exchange Server and can be checked in Address book Manager (Tools > Address book Manager > click the Mailbox node > double-click the desired mailbox > in Properties window switch to the Others tab).

Adding a group/mailbox onto the Threshold tab

To add a group/mailbox to the Threshold tab:

1.In Manager view, click on the Settings tab.

2.Click on the Threshold settings tab in the right pane.

3.Click with your right mouse button inside the right pane and then, in the context menu, click Add group/Add mailbox.


NOTE: Instead of clicking with your right mouse button inside the right pane and clicking Add group in the context menu you can also right-click the Threshold node in the left pane and then in the context menu click Add group/Add mailbox.

m-threshold 1

4.In the Select mailbox or group window enter the name of the desired group/mailbox in the text box or select the group/mailbox from the list. Then click OK.

m-threshold 2

5.The respective group/mailbox will now appear on the Threshold tab.

As a next step you need to set the mailbox size limit as well as Upper and Lower values to that group/mailbox.

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