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MessageStats 7.6 - Upgrade Guide

Moving the Database Files and Reattaching the Database

Now you must move the database data and transaction log files to a location on the new SQL server and reattach the database.

In SQL Server Management Studio, right-click Databases and navigate to Tasks | Attach Database.
Select the MessageStats.mdf file and click OK.
Click OK and exit SQL Server Management Studio.

Updating Connections to the New Server

Now you must edit the values that point to the old SQL server and update them to point to the new SQL server.

Double-click the QMSReports.udl file.
Select the Connection tab.
Click Test Connection to verify the connection to the new server.
Select the Database tab.
Click the browse (...) button for the Locate the database on the following SQL server option.
Click Apply and click OK.
Click the Database Management node and verify that the “Connected to” message displayed at the bottom right contains the correct SQL server name.

Upgrading MessageStats After the Database is Moved

If you are upgrading MessageStats after you have moved the database to a new SQL server, you must do the following:


Moving and Upgrading MessageStats

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