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MessageStats 7.6 - Upgrade Guide

1b. Manually Upgrading the MessageStats Database on a Separate Server

In some situations, you might need to manually upgrade the MessageStats database using a script instead of using the MessageStats installer.

To migrate the MessageStats database manually, you use a SQL script called MessageStatsMigration.sql that is located in the MessageStats installation directory in a folder named SQL.

Expand SQL Server Name and expand Databases.
Right-click the MessageStats database and select New Query.
On the Query window, select File | Open | File.
Select the Query Menu and Execute. Select the MessageStats Database.

2. Upgrading the MessageStats Reports and the MessageStats Server

Next you must upgrade the MessageStats reports and the MessageStats server (console, scheduler service, and task processors) using the MessageStats installer.

It is recommended that you log on with the MessageStats service account to perform the upgrade.

Select the Install tab and click the MessageStats link.
Click Continue.
Click Next, accept the license agreement and click Next.
Select Custom.
Click Next.
you are using SQL Express (MyServer/SQLEXPRESS)
Click Next.
Ensure that the Share the Application Log folder option is selected and click Next.
Click Install.
Click Next to run the Migrate.exe tool which migrates your existing tasks.
Click Finish.

Moving the MessageStats Database

Process to Move an Existing MessageStats Database

The process of moving the MessageStats database to a different SQL server consists of the following steps:

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