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MessageStats 7.6 - Reports User Guide

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Specifying the User Account

The reports in your subscription are generated under a specific user account. This account is the run-as account for the Windows task that is generated.

If the password for an account that was used to create a subscription is changed, the subscription will stop working. There are no error messages but the subscription will not be sent. You must select and modify the subscription and update the password for the subscription to begin to work again.


Click Next.

Naming Subscriptions

You can specify a display name to identify the subscription.

Click Finish.

Changing the SMTP Mail Server or From Display Name

When you install MessageStats Reports, you can specify the SMTP mail server to be used to send subscription notifications and the originator display name. If you did not enter this information during installation, you can use the Configure Subscriptions option on the main Subscriptions dialog. You can edit the mail server name or display name.

Select the MessageStats Reports node.
Click File | Subscriptions | Configure Subscriptions.

Performance Considerations for MessageStats Reports

The configured reports found in the MessageStats Reports treeview are optimized for performance against a number of standard usage scenarios and date periods. However, due to the volume of data in the MessageStats database and complexity of reports, report performance may slow in some scenarios.

To address slow running reports, there are a number of steps that report consumers and MessageStats administrators can undertake:

MessageStats administrators can ensure that MessageStats Reports run quickly by performing routine maintenance on the MessageStats database. Maintenance activities include reindexing and defragmenting the database on a regular basis. For information about reindexing and defragmenting data, see the MessageStats Administrator Guide.

When report consumers require long running and complex reports, you could set up report subscriptions that use a delivery method other than Send as Link. This method allows MessageStats Reports to process a report offline for delivery to a web site or within an email body. For information about report subscriptions, see Configuring Report Subscriptions .

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