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MessageStats 7.6 - Report Pack for Lotus & IBM Notes User Guide

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The MessageStats Server Node

Typically, the MessageStats Server is the server on which the MMC console, Scheduler Service, and task processors are installed. In a distributed installation, you can install additional task processors on several computers to run large gatherings. Computers on which you install the task processors are called Task Execution Servers.

Using MessageStats , you can distribute your gathering work across several geographic locations or distribute the workload to occur during certain periods. By using more than one Task Execution Server, you can ensure that available resources can meet the gathering and processing requirements of particular tasks.

The Database Management Node

The MessageStats Database stores the information that is used by the reports. When the database is properly tuned, information can be efficiently stored, and the reports can quickly access the required data.

Over time, the MessageStats Database grows and the database server can become strained. However, it is critical that the database retain enough data for any historical reporting needs that might arise. You can use the Database Management functions to tune the database and remove obsolete data.

For information about Database Management, please see Database Management .

The Lotus and IBM Notes Node

The Lotus and IBM Notes node lists the Domino domains to which is connected. When you expand the Domino Domains node, the domains appear as child nodes. The right pane lists the connected domains and the server that is used as the primary directory server for the domain. For information about creating a connection to servers in a Domino domain, see Connecting to a Domino Domain .

If you are using Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange, you have the option to connect to a Notes Migrator database. Information from the database is used to populate the Notes Migration Status reports. For information about creating a connection to a Notes Migrator database, see Connecting to a Notes Migrator Database .

Connecting to a Domino Domain

You use the Connect option to connect to a Domino server that contains the primary Domino Directory. The report pack uses the Domino server as the directory server to enumerate a Domino domain and to connect to the domain. You also specify the Lotus Notes or IBM Notes ID file and password that is used by the gathering tasks.

During connection, you can specify the Task Execution Server that is used to connect to the Domino domain. Task Execution Servers are the servers on which you installed the task processors.

The Notes User account that is used must have Designer-level access on the Domino server. For private folder gatherings, the account must also have Trusted Server rights in the Domino Server Document of the server from which data is collected. For more information,see Required Rights and Permissions in chapter 2 of the User Guide.

Expand the Lotus and IBM Notes node and select Domino Domains in the treeview.
Click Next.
Select Specify Explicit Notes ID.
Click Import ID File and browse to the Notes User ID file you want.
Click Connect.

When you connect to an additional Domino domain, you have the option to use the default Notes credentials or to specify a different Notes ID and password. The Notes ID and password is used by the Task Execution Server to gather information from the Domino servers.

To change the default credentials that are used by Lotus and IBM Notes tasks, see Specifying Lotus and IBM Notes Credentials .

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