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MessageStats 7.6 - Report Pack for Lotus & IBM Notes User Guide

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Required Rights and Permissions

This section lists the rights and permissions required to install the MessageStats Report Pack for Lotus and IBM Notes, to gather appropriate information, and to compile reports.

The following rights are required to install the report pack:

The following rights are required by the Windows account under which the MessageStats gathering process is run:

The following rights are required by the Windows account that is used to run the MessageStats client console:

The following rights are required by the IBM Notes or Lotus Notes user account that is used to run the report pack gathering tasks on the Domino servers:

To be able to enumerate the databases on the Domino server, the report pack requires that there be a database catalog (catalog.nsf) available locally on each Domino server.

How Are the Permissions Used?

During the Database Enumeration task, the report pack accesses the user activity log within each database. This allows the report pack to gather information about who last accessed the database and when it was accessed.

If the user activity log of a database is configured with the “Activity is Confidential” option, then the Notes gathering account must have at least Designer-level access to the database to retrieve the activity.

If the you do not want to grant Designer-level access to the Notes gathering account, then read-only access to all of the databases can be used. The report pack does not perform any explicit write operations to any of the databases. (Some of the Notes API functions might perform implicit write operations, such as updating the activity log.)

To gather private folder information, the Notes user account used to gather from the Domino server must still be added to the Trusted Server list.

MessageStats Reports Security Settings

For all servers housing the MessageStats Reports web server, ensure the following:

The account must also be in the MessageStats Admin local group (for read and write access) or MessageStats Web local group (for read access only).

Installing the Lotus and IBM Notes Report Pack

Use the following procedure to install the report pack.

Double-click the autorun.exe file and select the Install tab.
Select the Lotus and IBM Notes link.
Read the license agreement and select the I accept the terms in the license agreement check box and click Next.
Click Next to begin the installation.
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