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MessageStats 7.6 - Report Pack for Exchange ActiveSync User Guide

What Information is Gathered?

The IIS Log Files gathering task collects ActiveSync server activity information such as the server and user email traffic for mobile devices associated with user mailboxes. For Exchange 2013 and later, the IIS Log Files gathering task does not collect information for the health (monitoring) mailboxes.

The Exchange ActiveSync Devices gathering task collects device property details, such as the operating system or model name, for users that have an Exchange mailbox. Not all device properties are available for all device types. If a device property is not shown, it is because the device manufacturer has not made that property available.

If the Exchange IIS Log Files Are Not Scheduled Daily

Most Exchange servers are set to use the default W3C Extended Log File Format daily schedule for IIS log files. However, if you set the IIS log schedule to be weekly, monthly, or unlimited file size, you may notice that the IIS Log Files gathering task collects more data than the date range you specified.

For example, if you select a gathering date range to be a subset of the date range you set for your IIS log file schedule, the report pack gathers ActiveSync statistics from the entire IIS log file, writes the data to the database, and reports on it.

If the MessageStats Report Pack for OWA is also Installed

The MessageStats Report Pack for Outlook Web Access (OWA) also uses the information that is gathered by the IIS Log Files gathering task. If you have scheduled the Exchange ActiveSync Default Gathering task to run regularly, you do not need to schedule the IIS Log Files gathering task to run separately for the OWA report pack.

Managing Your Database

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