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MessageStats 7.6 - Report Pack for Archive Manager User Guide

Setting Connections to Archive Manager

As part of the initial configuration for the report pack, you must set up a connection to any Archive Manager SQL database instances from which you want to retrieve data.

When you set up the initial connection to the Archive Manager SQL database, you specify a user account and password. The user account is required for those reports which require direct access the Archive Manager database. The account must have SQL administrator rights to the server that hosts the database.

Click ... beside the Archive Manager SQL Connection string box.
Select Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server as the type data to which you are connecting.
Click Next.
Select SQL Server Authentication in the drop-down list.
Click Select the database and select the Archive Manager SQL database name.

The Archive Manager servers to which you are connected are displayed under the Archive Manager treeview in the MessageStats console.

Changing Archive Manager Properties

If, after initial configuration, you need to modify the connection to an Archive Manager server instance, you can use the Archive Manager Server Properties page.

Changing Archive Manager Server Properties

You can use the Archive Manager Server Properties tab to update the connection string for an Archive Manager database instance, or to change the mailbox quota that is set for Archive Manager reporting purposes.

For more information about the connection string settings for connecting to the Archive Manager database instance, see “Setting Connections to Archive Manager” on page 11.

The value that you specify in the Archive Mailbox Quota box is used in the Archive Mailboxes Over Quota report. The report lists the archived Exchange mailboxes for which the amount of stored data is greater than the storage quota that you specified for the Archive Manager server.

Viewing Task Membership for a Server

The Task Membership tab shows the gathering tasks to which the Archive Manager server belongs. You can review this list to determine whether you are collecting all the information that you require to produce meaningful reports.

The Task Membership page provides basic information about the task, such as the user credentials that are used to run the task, the regular schedule for the task, and the next scheduled run of the task (in both local and UTC time).

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