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MessageStats 7.6 - Report Pack for Archive Manager User Guide

Performing a Complete Installation

Before installing the MessageStats Archive Manager Report Pack components, review the minimum requirements and ensure they are met:

Double-click the autorun.exe file and select the Install tab.
Select the Archive Manager link.
Read the license agreement, select the I accept the license agreement check box and click Next.
Click Next to begin the installation.

About Distributed Installations

MessageStats Report Pack for Archive Manager allows you to spread your gathering activity to appropriate geographic locations. The most common scenario is to use a separate MessageStats server and task processor servers.

In this type of deployment, data from the remote Exchange servers is processed by the local task processor. Then the report-ready data is transferred to the MessageStats Database Server and stored in the database. This minimizes network traffic by eliminating the need to copy all the data from the remote servers.

The MMC client console might be installed on a MessageStats administrator's workstation or laptop. The administrator can create tasks and view logs, but task scheduling and gathering are carried out at another location with more robust resources.

The Report Pack for Archive Manager supports MessageStats distributed installations. When you install the report pack, you must install the various components (such as the task processors, reports, and MMC client) on the MessageStats server that performs the corresponding role in MessageStats.

The following table lists the components in the order they are recommended to be installed on the computers with different roles.

MessageStats Server (complete installation)

MessageStats database

MessageStats Reports

MessageStats Console components, including:

Archive Manager Report Pack task processor

Archive Manager Report Pack database schema

Archive Manager Report Pack reports

MessageStats task processors

MessageStats console components, including:

MessageStats Client Console

MessageStats console components, including:

For more information about distributed installations, see the MessageStats Quick Start Guide.

Implementing the Report Pack

Configuring the Archive Manager Report Pack

Before you create your Archive Manager gathering task, you must set up a connection to each of the Archive Manager database instances from which you want to gather information.

As part of the connection definition, you need a user account that has full SQL administrator rights on the Archive Manager SQL database.

After you have created connections to the Archive Manager databases, you create a gathering task to collect information from the databases.

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