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MessageStats 7.6 - Report Pack for Archive Manager User Guide

Preparing for Installation

When you install the MessageStats, the core MessageStats database is extended to include information that is gathered from Archive Manager. The database is populated with this information when you create and run an Archive Manager gathering task.

The installer also installs the report pack task processor and the new Archive Manager reports, and adds the Archive Manager node to the MessageStats MMC client.

Before you install the report pack, verify that you meet the minimum requirements. You must also have the MessageStats core product installed before you can install the report pack.

Quest Software does not support the installation of the MessageStats database on the same SQL Server Instance as the Archive Manager database.

Also, Quest does not recommend that you install MessageStats database on the same SQL server as the Archive Manager database. This scenario can result in a performance impact in your Archive Manager SQL environment.

System Requirements

The following tables list the general MessageStats Archive Manager Report Pack system requirements, as well as the specific additional system requirements for each component.


Pentium 4, running at a minimum speed of 2.4 GHz


2 GB


30 MB of free disk space


A monitor capable of supporting a resolution of 1024x768 pixels

You install the report pack components on servers on which the core MessageStats components are already installed. You must meet the software requirements for MessageStats. See the MessageStats Release Notes for the software requirements for the different MessageStats components.

The following table contains any additional requirements for the report pack:


IIS 7.0 or later

Certain IIS roles services must be enabled. See the MessageStats Quick Start Guide for more information.


Quest MessageStats 7.6 or later

At least one server running Quest Archive Manager 5.5 or later.


If you are gathering from Japanese or Korean Exchange sources which will write Japanese or Korean characters into the MessageStats database, you must install the East Asian language pack on the computer that hosts the database.

The following table lists the additional software requirements for the MessageStats Archive Manager Report Pack components. If you intend to install two components on one server, that server must meet the requirements for both components.

Report pack database schema

MessageStats database 7.6 or later

Report pack reports

MessageStats reports 7.6 or later

Report pack task processor

MessageStats task processors 7.6 or later

MessageStats scheduler service

Report pack MMC client console

MessageStats MMC client console v6.10 or later

The report pack supports the following environments:


Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, and Exchange 2019.

Office 365

Exchange Online

Lync/Skype for Business

Lync 2010, Lync 2013, and Skype for Business 2015.

Rights and Permissions

This section lists the rights and permissions required to install the MessageStats Report Pack for Archive Manager, gather appropriate information, and compile reports.

The following rights are required to install the report pack:

The following rights are required to run gathering tasks using the report pack:

The following rights are required to allow the report pack to gather data from Archive Manage servers:

Installing the Report Pack

There are three types of installation supported for the report pack:

A distributed installation can involve the following:

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