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MessageStats 7.5.1 - Report Pack for Lync & OCS Release Notes

Quest® MessageStats® Report Pack for Lync® 7.5.1

Quest® MessageStats® Report Pack for Lync® 7.5.1
These release notes provide information for both the Quest® MessageStats® Report Pack for Lync® release and the stand-alone MessageStats for Lync product release.

About MessageStats Report Pack for Lync 7.5.1

Microsoft Lync® Server is a communications server that provide the infrastructure for real-time (synchronous) communications including: instant messaging, file transfers, voice over IP (VoIP), Communicator-initiated peer-to-peer (audio, video, desktop sharing) sessions, and conferences (audio, video, and web).

The MessageStats for Lync stand-alone product and the MessageStats Report Pack for Lync provide the ability to gather usage data from Microsoft Lync Server and Office Communications Server (OCS) deployments. The application gathers information from your Lync or OCS environments and reports detailed information about unified communications usage (such as top users, server activity totals, and calculated chargeback costs by department and by user).

These release notes pertain to both the MessageStats for Lync stand-alone application and the MessageStats Report Pack for Lync & OCS that can be installed with the core MessageStats product.

MessageStats Report Pack for Lync 7.5.1 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality. See Known issues.

Known issues

When you upgrade from a version earlier than 7.3, and if you upgrade the Exchange ActiveSync, OWA, or Lync report packs before upgrading other report packs, the tasks for the other report packs are no longer able to run.


Open each task in the task wizard and re-save all the task properties. The existing tasks can now be re-run.


Lync Servers should be assigned to a pool only when they have certain roles (i.e. the Server Inventory report shows a non-blank Pool value).

It is unusual for a server to have both an OCS role and a Lync role. In such cases, the Lync & OCS Servers and Users gathering for a Lync server will incorrectly assign such servers to the Lync pool, even if the servers in question do not have one of those roles.


Lync sites that have multiple Lync front-end pools are not supported. Traffic will be associated with correct server but will not always be associated with the correct front-end pool.

Also, the server gatherings will generate warnings that moving servers between pools is not supported even when no servers have been moved between pools.


The Run Now with Override menu option only works with MessageStats core tasks. It does not work with the MessageStats Report Pack for Lync & OCS Server tasks.


If you disable a Lync user, the Lync Servers and Users gathering task will categorize that user as an external user. The Lync Enterprise Voice and Lync Peer-to-Peer gathering tasks will incorrectly ignore any traffic associated with that user since the last time that the gatherings were successfully run.


Installation of the MessageStats database on the same SQL Server Instance as the Lync Archiving or CDR database is not supported since it can impair Lync performance.

Also, it is not recommended that you install MessageStats database on the same SQL Server as the Lync Archiving or CDR database. This scenario can result in a performance impact in your Lync environment.

For performance and troubleshooting reasons, Microsoft does not recommend configurations in which the server that is hosting an Archiving or CDR database is used to host other SQL applications.


If a user is moved from one pool to a different pool, even after the Lync user data has been regathered, the Peer-to-Peer Session Details report still shows the user sessions as belonging in the old pool. The primary URL does not change.


In Lync Server, file transfer sizes are no longer available in the Lync Archiving database. As a result, file transfer volumes can no longer be reported for pure Lync Server environments. If you have a mixed environment, file transfer sizes are counted.


Peer-to-Peer sessions in which both session participants became OCS-disabled or Lync-disabled during the time period after the session but before the gathering task is run are handled incorrectly. These sessions will appear as public sessions in Peer-to-Peer Session Details report but will show a zero cost.


Changing the pool for an OCS or Lync server results in the server still being reported in the old pool. In a multiple pool scenario, if you create a second pool and add a server that has the same name as a server that previously existed in the first pool, the reports will continue to show the server as belonging to the first pool.


System requirements


Pentium 4, running at a minimum speed of 2.4 GHz


8 GB

Hard disk space

100 MB of free disk space for installing the application.

Operating system

One of the following:

Note: MessageStats supports full installation on Microsoft Windows 7 only for evaluation scenarios. Microsoft Windows 7 requires the same configuration as for Windows Server 2008.

You can install the MessageStats MMC client console on Windows 7 or Windows 8 in production environments.

Database server (SQL)

One of the following:

MessageStats supports SQL Server Express in test or evaluation scenarios only.

Do not install the report pack on the same SQL server as Lync or OCS CDR or Archiving database.

.NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Reports server

IIS 7.0 or later.

For IIS 7, there are also certain IIS role services that must be enabled. See the section titled "IIS Role Services on Windows Server 2008" in the MessageStats Quick Start Guide for more information.

Task Execution Server

On any server where you have installed the Lync/OCS task processors:


Archiving and CDR Server Roles must be enabled on the OCS and Lync servers.

For Lync 2013, you enable the Archiving and CDR services on the Front End server.

Additional software

MessageStats 7.5.1 is required for the report pack installation only.

Internet Explorer 9.0 or later

For detailed system requirements and list of rights and permissions necessary for product operation please refer to the MessageStats for Lync User Guide.

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