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MessageStats 7.5.1 - Report Pack for Lync & OCS User Guide

About This Guide Installing the Report Pack Configuring MessageStats for Lync Managing your Database Using the Lync and OCS Reports Appendix A: Configuring RPC through a Firewall

About This Guide

About This Guide

This guide can assist you in becoming familiar with MessageStats reporting for Lync server. This manual can be used with both the Quest MessageStats for Lync and the MessageStats Report Pack for Lync.

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About Report Pack for Lync Installations

The MessageStats Report Pack for Lync extends the MessageStats core product by adding the ability to gather usage data from Microsoft Office Communications Server and from Lync Server deployments.

When the report pack is installed, a new node is added to the MessageStats Console. You collect information from Microsoft Office Communications Servers and from Lync Servers by using new gathering task templates that are added to the MessageStats gathering components library.

For reporting, additional folders are added to the MessageStats Reports. The MessageStats database is extended to include tables for Lync server data.

Report Pack Components

The report pack components extend the core MessageStats product:

MMC Console: Extends the MessageStats MMC-based client console to include a node for Lync & OCS Server. This report pack MMC component must be installed on the server on which the MessageStats MMC client is installed.
Task Processors: The component runs gathering tasks on the Microsoft OCS and Lync pools and stores statistical information in the MessageStats database. You install the report pack task processors on a Task Execution Server on which the core MessageStats task processors are installed.
Database: Extends the MessageStats database to store Microsoft OCS and Lync information. Install this component on the SQL server that houses the MessageStats database.
Reports: Provide detailed information about the traffic on the Microsoft OCS and Lync servers. The reports provide information about instant messages, file transfers, audio/video/Live Meeting conferences, enterprise voice calls, and peer-to-peer sessions. Install this component on the IIS Server on which the MessageStats Reports are hosted.
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