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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

TSM T-SQL Arguments







@tsmbrieflist = 1

The @tsmbrieflist parameter is used only on the xp_view_tsmcontents extended procedure and specifies that a more limited number of columns is to be returned for each tsm backup in the filespace. Without that parameter the full table xml that is stored in each given backup file is returned and displayed. With the @tsmbrieflist parameter however only the fields necessary for identifying the backup are returned from the TSM catalog. The @tsmbrieflist can cause the xp to execute orders of magnitude faster, only a few seconds as opposed to worst case a number of hours if the backups are stored on tape.




@tsmdevicetimeoutminutes = <<number of minutes>> 

The @tsmdevicetimeoutminutes field allows a user to specify how long to wait for a TSM (tape) device in the advent that a MAX TAPE MOUNTS EXCEEDED error is received from TSM at the start of the backup. This parameter ensures that the TSM device is acquired and dedicated to this backup before the backup actually begins. If this parameter is not set or passed in then no timeout is used and instead the backup will then fail immediately if the MAX TAPE MOUNTS EXCEEDED is received from TSM.

Note: This parameter can be set via the main SLS Enterprise Console window. Select view and options. 







No longer in use - replaced by @tsmobject. 




No longer in use - replaced by @tsmobject. 




@tsmmanagementclass = { 'TSM_management_class' | @TSM_management_class } 

Specify the TSM management class.

If not specified, LiteSpeed uses the default management class.




@tsmpointintime = ' 2006-03-29 15:15:46' 

The @tsmpointintime parameter is used to specify a retained backup or older archived object for restore. The point in time string to use as the argument is first retrieved using the xp_view_tsmcontents xp which lists identifying information including the tsmpointintime of all backups or archives in a specified filespace.




@tsmsortbylowlevel = 1 

The @tsmsortbylowlevel=1 parameter is used to sort the output of the xp_view_tsmcontents by the "low level" name column.




@tsmsortbypit = 1 

The @tsmsortbypit parameter is used to sort the output of the xp_view_tsmcontents by the "tsmpointintime" column. The TSM point in time is the exact time assigned to the backup by the TSM server.




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