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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

Install LiteSpeed on a Cluster

Before you begin the installation process, please review the following requirements:

  • For cluster installs, it is required that users log in and install with a user account that has Administrator rights to all the nodes in the cluster.
  • You must select an unshared local drive for the LiteSpeed installation directory. This location should be the same for all nodes of the cluster. For example, C:\Program Files\Quest Software\LiteSpeed.
  • The Remote Registry service should be running on all nodes involved in a cluster installation.

Review the following to select the installation type.

Feature Local Remote
Installs on multiple nodes at once Yes* Yes
Installs on multiple instances on those nodes Yes Yes
Automatically upgrades LiteSpeed during install Yes Yes
Automatically updates the central repository during install Yes No***
Requires using the LiteSpeed UI Console tools Yes No****
Requires logging into the cluster node Yes No
Requires running the .msi on each node Yes** Yes

*—To the other cluster nodes.

***—For more information, see Upgrade Repositories.

****—However, using the LiteSpeed UI Console tools is the simplest way to generate and deploy the .xml parameter files.

**—Install LiteSpeed to the active node first. That should install LiteSpeed to all nodes. If there are problems with the automatic installation to remote nodes, then install to the remaining nodes for the local cluster installations.

For installation instructions, please refer to the sub-sections that follow for each type of cluster environment.


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